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#67868654066057773 - Friend Connection - 1:50.19 (8f improvement)

In 01:55.13 (42893 frames), 93 rerecords
Game: Wii Party (Wii)
3483 views, 174 downloads
Uploaded 12/4/2020 11:12 AM by InputEvelution (2 files)
Reaches the compatibility score at frame 6416 - an improvement over the Pair Games WIP currently published on YouTube by 8 frames (mainly by changing the date/time, which it turns out is used for seeding the RNG.)
1 of the saved frames comes from pressing A+B on the title screen earlier, the others come from better RNG on the title screen and what not - depending on what the game chooses to generate, the loading times can vary quite a few frames.
It's very possible this can be improved further from a better date/time starting point, and also that this won't appear in the submitted Pair Games TAS since there's still the more RNG-heavy gamemodes after this to worry about. Might as well upload it here nonetheless.