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#6923418461145484 - SNES Brandish - WIP beat three lobsters

In 31:50.58 (114824 frames), 11130 rerecords
Game: Brandish (SNES)
16385 views, 696 downloads
Uploaded 5/30/2013 6:42 PM by FatRatKnight (245 files)
The wall that put Uncle Mario's WIP to a halt was blasted through rather quickly in this run. The intense training worked!
Items: Warp Magic, Invisibility Potion x4, (), Broken Sword, (), Fire Magic, Master Key x4, Ring of Life, Invisibility Potion x2, Hardening Potion x3, (), ()
Equipment: Leather Shield, Leather Armor, Blade of Muramasa x26
Level 9.54 : Arm Strength 84.40 : Knowledge 99.99 -- At least my plans worked as expected.