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#76232377441145224 - SNES Tetris Attack Stage Clear Mode In 16:51.58

Tetris Attack (USA) (En,Ja) Stage Clear 2021.bk2
In 16:51.58 (60795 frames), 14343 rerecords
Game: Tetris Attack (SNES)
482 views, 78 downloads
Uploaded 12/16/2021 3:07 AM by Technickle (117 files)
Movie Goals:
  • Uses Bizhawk 2.7
  • Aims for Fastest Completion
  • Reaches alternative in-game credits
Playing Modes:
  • Single Player
  • Multi-Player
In-Game Modes:
  • Vs. CPU
  • Puzzle
  • Stage Clear
  • Time Trial
  • Lessons/Tutorials
Menuing: The game offers an option for a hidden code at the beginning of the game called the B-A-L-L Code, by pressing B, A, L, L once or consecutively. This B-A-L-L Code allows for 1 player modes to keep the stack from stoping from creating larger chains & combos, however, this hidden code will not be used for the entire run, as it not only bring on more of a challenge to the player *me* but, shows strategic stack rasing and interesting cases of block switching when in dire situations. Putting everything at its largest stack height and creating havoc at every turn possible.
Stage Clear Knowledge: Stage Clear has the player using not only the cursor given to them but, must make strategic choices in combos and chains and for how long the stack needs to be raised. If the player manages to get their panels/blocks beneath this clear line, the game reward the player for beating the level, granting them access to the next level in the series of levels.
Types of Panels/Blocks:
  • Red Hearts
  • Yellow Stars
  • Green Circles
  • Purple Diamonds
  • Blue Triangles
How to Create Combos: The combo is created by attaching 4 or more panels/blocks to one another, either by vertically, horizontally or Z shapes. More than 1 combo can be done at a time, creating a big bubble of combos going at once, which not only helps create the clear condition faster but, also looks mesmerizing.
How to Create Chains: While not as necessary in this mode, chains can be made from creating a path to the same shaped blocks that allow a connected path to one another. This can be done if one block section clears above and falls below to string a chain, this can also be done from alternating sides.
Stage Lists:
  • Yoshi | 1-1 /1-5
  • Lakitu | 2-1 / 2-5
  • Poochy | 3-1 / 3-5
  • Bowser | "???" - Special Stage *lose on purpose*
  • Froggy | 4-1 / 4-5
  • Blarg | 5-1 / 5-5
  • Raphel The Raven | 6-1 / 6-5
  • Final Bowser | 6-6
  • Screenshots: