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#7974137050559095 - SNES Brandish - WIP beat three lobsters v2

In 31:35.67 (113928 frames), 12374 rerecords
Game: Brandish (SNES)
16318 views, 673 downloads
Uploaded 7/17/2013 2:22 AM by FatRatKnight (245 files)
I beat up those same three lobsters over again. Their insane defense means they really deserved it.
In all seriousness, all I did was try a different route. Changes begin just before I do my Arm Strength training. I pick up a Sword of Flames in order to kill a few enemies, one of whom has a Blade of Muramasa. Right along my path, too! Faster by almost 900 frames to do that than the lengthy route to that chest in the older WIP.
No progress for 5F and beyond, yet. I claim it'll be soon, though!
Items: Warp Magic, Invisibility Potion x5, (), Sword of Flames x30, (), Fire Magic, Master Key x4, Ring of Life, Invisibility Potion x2, Broken Sword, Hardening Potion x3, ()
Equipment: Leather Shield, Leather Armor, Blade of Muramasa x32
Level 10.76 : Arm Strength 84.23 : Knowledge 99.99