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TODO: This needs updated. Since February 5, 2022, the technical rating and entertainment were combined into a single rating that the user provides instead (announcement post).

This page gives guidelines on how to effectively rate movies and vote on submissions. The guidelines are intended to maximize effectiveness of one's vote and to (with submissions) maximize the help towards a judge's decisions.


In summary, judges prefer details. Try to be as informative as possible.



While the entertainment level of a TAS is somewhat subjective, there are a few principles that most of our players and viewers have agreed upon that make for runs with high entertainment.
An entertaining run should:
Often the entertainment level of a TAS is directly related to the entertainment level of a game itself; that having been said, sufficiently advanced runs of games can easily reach the point of repetition and boredom, and conversely a game with awful gameplay can produce surprisingly worthwhile runs.


The technical rating of a TAS should reflect a number of technical qualities about the run itself and how it has been made. It's important to understand that there is no one single feature which determines the technical quality, but that it's the sum of many different aspects. A common misconception is to think that "technical quality" is a synonym for "frame perfection" (in other words, how optimal the run is). This is not so. Frame perfection is part of what constitutes the technical quality of a run, but only a part.
These are things which should be considered when rating a TAS for its technical quality (note that this list is not comprehensive, and every TAS should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis):
Note that not all games are suitable for a TAS with perfect technical rating, similarly to how not all games are suitable for a perfect entertainment rating. Some games simply don't lend themselves for extensive technical achievements (eg. if they are too simple or straightforward, with no route planning, exploitable bugs, etc.).

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