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't hesitate to use [memory search] to find exact value
In this instance a [memory search] might help to reduc
se them correctly. [Memory search] and [Lua scripting]
memory first. See [Memory Search] for details. Then w
huge guides about [MemorySearch|how to search addresses], and [EmulatorResou
nced techniques * [Memory search] - How to find inter
e movie. First, [memory search] is required to find
[Lua Scripting] * [Memory Search] - Useful for findin
дробнее в статье о [Memory Search|поиске в памяти]. Далее отслеживаем
ться инструментами [memory search|поиска в памяти], чтобы найти точные
. В таких случаях, [memory search|поиск в памяти] игры может помочь с
[Lua Scripting] * [Memory Search] - Useful for findin
ind RAM Values see [Memory Search]. For a video tutori
fter rereading the [MemorySearch|Memory Search] article some times!