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A collection of articles on TASVideos, about the site, movie watching and making, editing, and publication work.
Not all articles are listed here. To find articles that are not listed here, go through the links.
For information related to specific games, check out Game Resources.
  • Awards - Information on the annual TASVideos awards and a list of award winners.
  • Games Done Quick - Our participation in the charity marathons ran by SpeedDemosArchive. Generally features TASBot.
  • Helping - Everybody has something meaningful they can contribute!
  • TODO
  • Movies by criteria - Main Movie page with starting points for finding movies in different categories.
  • Classes - Information about the classes that the movies on the site are included in.
  • Stars - Information related to Star movies.
  • Platforms - Information on all rerecordable platforms including information about the emulators and movie lists
  • Console Verified Movies - Playing back TAS movies on original hardware (or at least attempting to).
  • Movie Tag Guidelines - Information about the movie tags that movies are categorized under.
  • Voting Guidelines - Tips for effective voting on submissions and movie ratings.
  • Rating - Rate the movies you have watched
  • Applications - Applications & plug-ins for easily browsing and viewing TASVideos content from your home theater, cell phone, and more.
  • Downloads - Is there missing sound or video in MP4/MKV? Links to common Media Players.
  • Desync Help - What to do if it doesn't play back properly in emulator.
  • Movie Statistics
  • Movie Tokens - tips to generate your own movie list pages
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