Various statistics gathered from the data of this website in real time. (Well, almost. It's updated from a cache within the most recent 10 minutes.)

General statistics

Note: These statistics apply only to files that are currently available on this site. Obsolete movies are not counted (and thus, the actual amount of transferred data is much larger than indicated below), and neither are rejected or canceled submissions.

  • Published movies: 2401
  • Total movies (including obsoleted): 4554
  • Submitted movies: 7250
  • Published movie average rerecord count: 127612

Movie data

Longest movies

Shortest movies

Most rerecords

Fewest rerecords

Largest rerecords-per-movie-length ratio

Smallest rerecords-per-movie-length ratio

Longest-non-obsoleted movies

File data

Longest encodes (by duration)

Shortest encodes (by duration)

Largest encodes (by filesize)

Smallest encodes (by filesize)

Lowest encode ratio

(Ratio = Size (MB) / time (minutes) )

Highest encode ratio

(Ratio = Size (MB) / time (minutes) )

Longest encode relative to input file length

(Ratio = encode length / input file length)

Longest ending (in absolute time)

(Time = encode length - movie length)

Text data

Movies with longest descriptions

Movies with shortest descriptions

Movies with longest descriptions in submission entry

Rating data

Note: Only movies with at least 5 votes are listed.

Highest average rating

Highest entertainment rating

Highest technical rating

Lowest average rating

Lowest entertainment rating

Lowest technical rating

Most rated movies

Lowest number of ratings


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