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Video Tutorials

BizHawk and TAStudio tutorials Various Various CoolHandMike and others
TAS Tutorial - Making Your First TAS Various Various The8bitbeast
How To Make a Tool Assisted Speedrun NES Super Mario Bros. adelikat
Subpixel precision: wall clipping NES Super Mario Bros. 3 andymac
TASing in Gens with Sonic HUD script Genesis Sonic 3 & Knuckles Aglar
Use of frame advance and RAM adress to trigger a glitch SNES Super Mario World bobmario511
TASing in Mupen64 N64 GoldenEye 007 Rising Tempest
Traveling in a Straight Line N64 Super Mario 64 Nahoc
TASing in DeSmuME DS Contra 4 paul_t
Rerecord session played back in real-time PSX Chrono Cross Bisqwit
FCEUX TAS Editor live session NES Battletoads & Double Dragon feos
A complete TAS session with basic luck manipulation SMS Dragon Crystal Synahel
How does TASing work? Quick TAStudio overview PSX Crash Team Racing AleMastroianni
How to use XDRE - Doom TASing Tutorial DOS Doom RockyGaming4725
How to Create Gamecube/Wii Tool-Assisted Speedruns with Scripting Support GameCube Paper Mario: TTYD Malleoz
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