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ours sur internet ([=userfiles|Fichiers des utilisateurs], [http://dehacked.2
d'input, utilisez [=/userfiles/|le système de stockage]. Il y a une limite
this game, post a [Userfiles|userfile] on forums instead,
также в Интернете ([=userfiles|наш раздел пользовательских файлов], [http://dehacked.2
ользуясь страницей [=/userfiles/|пользовательских мувиков]. Сервис не принимае
on, please see the [=userfiles/|movie storage space].
module:KeyEditor] [=userfiles|userfiles]
now, place them on [=userfiles|user files] and discuss them in
Please make use of [=userfiles|user files] for runs like this.
y on the internet ([=userfiles|User files], [http://dehacked.2
e input files, use [=/userfiles/|User movies]. It has a 4 MB size
=forum/|forum] and [=userfiles/|userfiles] as ways of sharing
[Forum|forums] and [userfiles|our site Userfiles]. Quite a bit mor
ation. Please use [UserFiles] for any future runs
le. Till then, use [=userfiles/|userfiles] for files you wish
personal pages and [=userfiles/|userfiles] can host material f
se make use of the [=userfiles|userfiles] and get feedback fr
TAS, consider the [=userfiles|userfiles]. __Rejecting__ f
mount of time. Use [=userfiles|userfiles] and ask for feedbac
se make use of the [=userfiles|userfiles] before making anoth
r that we have the [=userfiles|userfiles] where users can upl
s, please consider [=userfiles|user files].'' Cancelling, a
[forum|forums] and [userfiles|our site Userfiles]. > Your submissi
making use of the [=userfiles|userfiles] and the forums befo
e it for feedback ([=userfiles|userfiles]). Cancelling.
your movies on the [=userfiles|userfiles] for feedback. Ca
feedback, use the [=userfiles|userfiles]. Rejecting.
movies, __use the [=userfiles|userfiles section]__. The game itse
ur movies, use the [=userfiles|user files]. This movie is s
ed] or uploaded to [UserFiles]. Should only be use
re a file, use the [userfiles]. Rejected for no
ssions. Please use [Userfiles] for submissions lik
d upload it to the [userfiles] space instead.
uld be uploaded to [userfiles] and posted to the f
ing, try posting a [userfiles|work-in-progress movie] on forums for viewe
s, please consider [=userfiles|user files].__ You also migh
our forums and our [UserFiles|userfiles hosting] for uploading wips.
ome more and using [userfiles] for WIPs and gather
h quality TAS__ to [userfiles], then show it to me
ter suited for our [Userfiles], which are not subj
ld fit nicely as a [userfiles|Userfile], but not as a submi
upload it to your [userfiles] and ask for feedbac
our movie, use the [user files]. Read the [Submi
ture movies in the [userfiles|userfiles space], instead of making
ase upload them to [UserFiles] instead.
nd would recommend [=userfiles/|userfiles] for goals of this n
drop-down menu on [Userfiles] and [Submissions/Su
ilizing the site's [userfiles] feature to share in
to upload WIPs to [=userfiles/|userfiles] and post them to ma
new TAS might post [Userfiles/|a WIP] under the "(Default
ernet, such as our [Userfiles] page, or on a separ
e input files, use [Userfiles]. * For embedded im
drop-down menu on [Userfiles] and the catalog pag
a game to TAS. * [=userfiles/|Movie file storage for WIPs] * [Forum/Topics/10
better suited for [=userfiles/|Userfiles], or for just sharin
[Forum|forums] and [userfiles|our site Userfiles]. Improvements that
can be uploaded to [Userfiles]. You can then share
the new version to [Userfiles] and ask a Judge to
in progress to the [=userfiles/|Movie storage space] and post on or foru
r updated movie to [Userfiles] and make a post in
ing again. We have [Userfiles], [=forum/|the forum
cation, please use [/userfiles|userfiles] instead of the subm
files, please use [=userfiles/|userfiles] instead. Cancell
r that, please use [=/userfiles/|userfiles] instead. I'm can
cation, please use [=/userfiles/|userfiles] instead. I'm can
queue. Please use [=userfiles|userfiles] instead. Cancelling
this purpose. Use [=userfiles|userfiles] instead. Better
kbench, please use [=/userfiles/|userfiles] instead. Better
pload that file to [=userfiles/|Userfiles] and someone (likely
reely do so in the [=userfiles|userfiles] section. The submis
rules]__, create a [=userfiles|user file] and send me a priva
msara]: Please use [Userfiles] for incomplete runs
your TAS, use the [=userfiles|user files].
ease upload to our [=userfiles|user files]. Canceling.
e input files, use [=/userfiles/|User movies]. It has a 4 MB size
a game to TAS. * [=userfiles/|Movie file storage for WIPs] * [=forum/t/10152|
ys advised to post [UserFiles|WIPs] on forums and colle
TAS de un juego * [=userfiles/|Almacenamiento de archivos de película en proceso (WIP)] * [=forum/t/10152|
rks in progress to [=userfiles|userfiles] before submitting t
WIP movies to the [=userfiles/|userfiles], and posting them o
tting, there's the [=userfiles/|Userfiles] to upload and post
ture TASes to your [=userfiles/|userfiles] in order to gain fe
nd make use of the [/userfiles|userfiles] page to upload work
to upload a movie, [Userfiles|you can upload it to userfiles]. If you wish to sub
ess (WIP). You can [Userfiles|upload WIPs] for casual review a
s, please consider [=userfiles|user files].__ Ignoring thes
ost your movies to [Userfiles] and share the link
st|Submissions] * [=userfiles|User files] * [Game resources]
edback, please use [Userfiles] to upload the run a
nes], upload it to [Userfiles] and send me a priva
upload them to our [userfiles|WIP section (userfiles)], and link to them i
e site. Please use [Userfiles] for WIPs, incomplet
me. Please use the [Userfiles] for movies such as
or help, utilizing [Userfiles] to gather advice an