Submission #1336: Bisqwit & AngerFist's NES Mega Man in 15:48.33

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU 0.98.12
Game Version JPN Frame Count 56900
ROM Filename Rockman (J).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 49200
Unknown Authors Bisqwit, AngerFist
Game Mega Man
Submitted by Bisqwit on 11/6/2006 11:49:37 PM

Submission Comments
This is a new Rockman TAS, mostly an update to the previous version though. Changes:
  • Cutman battle improved by 4 frames. Thanks to Vatchern!
  • Wily1-Wily4 (excluding Wily4 refights) improved by about 16 frames.
  • One more refill in Wily2. Costs 20 frames. Wins a couple of seconds in Wily4.
  • Bombman refight glitched, death. Resulting lots of gain. Other refights skipped totally. Thanks to Arne the Adjective and FinalFighter! (Thanks to Arne again for reminding me about FinalFighter's refined technique to this.)
    • New attribute: Uses death to save time.
90% of the last battle was played by BisqBot. I created a new algorithm core in the bot that simulated literally what a human would do in such situation; only saving lots of work. (Previous versions of BisqBot have always used random input combinations.)
AngerFist's contribution to this movie comes from his part in the previous version. He played the Gutsman fight and the Bombman fight (the first), and he prevailed at luck manipulation in Cutman stage, and helped optimize a couple of rooms.
Ps: The rerecord count is arbitrary. At some point, it was going to say 6268371 -- somehow the value was accidentally copied from BisqBot's progress file. So I edited it manually.
  • Ah, indeed. BisqBot did play some parts of this movie. Specifically, the 14-frame improvement in Wily1 is thanks to BisqBot, and the Bombman refight escape technique was perfected by BisqBot. And of course, he manipulated the refills in Wily2 and beat CWU-01P. And, played 90% of Wily4 battle.
As for Bombman refight escape... I disassembled Bombman's AI entirely. That way, I knew exactly how to make it throw a bomb and how to make it jump a certain height of jump.
Edit: Submission file replaced! (15:52 --> 15:49)
Edit 2: Submission file replaced again! (15:49 --> 15:48)
Edit 3: Round numbers are nice. 56900 frames is the length now, making it 1289 frames (21.5 seconds) faster than the published movie.
Ps: This is a bigame movie. It completes on both Rockman (J) and Mega Man (U).

adelikat: Impressive improvement, again. Accepting for publication.
Bisqwit: Thanks. I'll process this one myself :)

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