Published on 8/22/2010
Tatanga is back after being beaten in the regular-mode run of this game, and he kidnapped Princess Daisy again. Daisy is not a pilot, so she is unable to escape from her prison in the sky, despite there being a freely accessible aircraft in the vicinity.
Mario must travel through the four Kingdoms of Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai once again to rescue Daisy. Although this time around, they're packed with much more enemies than before.
This run has much more action than the regular mode of Super Mario Land, due to the increased amount of enemies, yet it is only slightly slower. If you liked TASs of Super Mario Land before now, wait until you see this.

Note: This movie begins from a save state from the end of regular mode in order to access hard mode. There is no other way to access it outside of a hack. We normally do not accept movies which begin from a save state.
Note: This movie requires conversion in order to be played in sync on VBA rerecording v23.

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