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The second Castlevania title released on Nintendo DS after Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a direct sequel to BloodLines on Sega Genesis. Dracula rises from the dead yet again (cue groan), and it's up to Jonathan Morris, helped out by Charlotte Aulin, a powerful mage student, to defeat him.
This run saves 05:21.21 over the previous run (more than half its length!). First of all, the run uses a previously proposed alternate route. This route would be longer, except that there is also a glitch used which allows attacks to hit more often than they should, and this glitch makes the new route viable. Lastly, there are also faster movement methods used. As a result, you will (un)fortunately hear a lot less of Jonasan! Sharotto! Jonasan! Sharotto! Jonasan! Sharotto! in this version.
Published on 6/13/2011

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