Submission #1866: hero of the day's SNES Super Metroid "any%, real" in 39:32.80

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version Japan/USA Frame Count 142368
ROM Filename Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch any%, real Rerecord Count 84109
Unknown Authors hero of the day
Game Super Metroid
Submitted by hero of the day on 2/20/2008 1:02:07 AM

Submission Comments

Super Metroid any% Version 2 TAS by hero of the day

Synchronization settings

  • Use WIP 1 timing

Attributes of this run

  • Aims for fastest real time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Abuses glitches
  • Uses no predefined saves or passwords

About this run

This run is an improvement of 5,103 frames (85 seconds) over the published Super Metroid run. Once again I aim for real time, as opposed to in-game time. In-game clock’s final time is 24:16. Cpadolf’s recently submitted run is 30 seconds faster on the in-game clock, but is 90 seconds slower in real time. The real time oriented route I designed for this run eliminates backtracking and excessive item collecting. The only noticeably slower parts compared to the in-game run are the Ridley and Mother Brain battles, due to skipping the plasma beam.
Instead of mentioning all the improvements I have made to the run here, please refer to this excel file for a complete breakdown. Special thanks to JXQ for the original excel spreadsheet, from which I copied his formulas and followed his tips for many of the rooms in the run.

Thanks to the following Super Metroid runners & researchers

  • Catnap
  • Cpadolf
  • Evilchen
  • Frenom
  • Graveworm
  • Jecy
  • JXQ
  • Kejardon
  • Kriole
  • Michael Flatley
  • Moozooh
  • OgreSlayer
  • Saturn
  • Taco
  • Terimakasih
  • Tonski
My run would not be as precise as it is without the help of memory watch and Gocha’s memory watch tool.
Special thanks to DeHacked’s microstorage system for hosting many of my test runs.
Enjoy the run!

Bisqwit: Accepting for publication. And encoding.

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