Submission #2701: sparky's SNES Mega Man 7 in 37:22.25

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 134535
ROM Filename Mega Man 7 (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 50565
Unknown Authors sparky
Game Mega Man 7
Submitted by sparky on 6/12/2010 11:09:31 AM

Submission Comments
This is my second TAS video.
I made this run while comparing the current published fastest run in each and every floor, I optimized as much as possible. And I used two new glitch:
First, Rush Coil wall climb. Rush Coil can also use wall climb glitch in using invincibility by damage. Coil doesn't have transform time, so it can do glitch faster than Jet.
Second, Noise Crash instant-kill. This can instant-kill a part of bosses before battle start.


  • snes9x rerecording 1.43 v17
  • Use WIP1 Timing
  • Allow Left+Right / Up+Down


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Table of improvements

(Comparing frames excluding conversation scene)
Stageframesmain changed points
intro19Jump scrolling with Preemptive attack to Bass.
Cloud9In stage end, input left or right after it moves to the center before becoming impossible to any input, it saves 1 frame. (The stages after this also)
Junk11Wall climb speed was up. (The stages after this also)
Freeze22Preemptive attack by Junk Shield to boss makes time loss 10 frames more, so I didn't use it.
Shade-597Changing music to the Ghosts and Goblins is faster 10 frames than not using. Using Danger Wrap in third floor. I used Rash Coil glitch to saved 5 sec in stage. But I lost 15 sec in boss, because I don't have Wild Coil. In boss battle, all damages from boss is necessary for save time.
Turbo701Noise Crash instant-kill to boss. After using this glitch, can't any key input, so it is impossible to go to center.
Slash211In middle boss, used mine type Danger Wrap. I used Noise Crash, Scorch Wheel, Freeze Cracker to Slash Man.
Spring1122Noise Crash instant-kill to boss.
Wily148Passing through wall and wall climb was more optimized.
Wily248Battle with Bass was more optimized.
Wily384In first floor, I passed with no damage. In fourth floor, I ran up a ladder with no attack. In seventh floor, passing through ceiling was more optimized.
Wily496It is possible to ignore elevator by using Up+Down sliding when elevator's position is most up. Battle with Slash Man and Wily Capsule was more optimized.
and many minor optimization.

Nach: What to say about this run? It's excellent for starters. Not only is it fast, it has great entertaining antics throughout. Nice attention to detail. Quic... er Turbo Man is killed the quickest. This is what TASing is all about. I'd say I'm accepting this run, but that language isn't strong enough.

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