Submission #3108: zyr2288's NES Contra in 08:51.73

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version JPN Frame Count 31904
ROM Filename Gryzor (J).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 24366
Unknown Authors zyr2288
Game Contra
Submitted by zyr2288 on 4/7/2011 8:27:41 AM

Submission Comments
Enjoy the comparison video:
Japanese versional Contra called "魂斗羅", I use this version and this version can save time in cut scenes. Use two players to finish this game as soon as possible.
  • Emulator used: FCE Ultra 0.98.15
  • Uses two players
  • Aims for fastest real time
  • Allows death
  • Uses programming errors
At level 2, making super fire is very important, control every frame and control S-gun bullets can make bullets in a line.
At level 3, making full use of double-floor jump. Three special double-floor jump point in it.
At level 4, in third stage, re-fire can be more faster. At boss stage, 1P helps 2P to destroy the boss.
At level 6, 1P is a leader in front of 2P, making full use of S gun and let boss to eat every bullets.
At level 8, mini boss and final boss are recording in single-frame.
I didn't use double S gun in level 4, it makes lags and waste lots of time, so just 1P use upgraded S gun.
Special thanks to: Xipo韩晖 helps me to research this TAS.

klmz: Claimed and replaced the submission file with one starting from power-on without an embedded savestate.
feos: Added YouTube module.
klmz: Accepted as an improvement to the published Movie [797]NES Contra "2 players" by adelikat in 08:57.98. Congratulations!

Brandon: Publication underway.

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