Submission #5660: NEVERDOORS's N64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "No Doors, All Dungeons" in 2:24:37.03

Console Nintendo 64 Emulator Bizhawk 1.12.1
Game Version JP v1.0 Frame Count 520622
ROM Filename Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina (J) Frame Rate 60
Branch No Doors, All Dungeons Rerecord Count 321158
Unknown Authors NEVERDOORS
Game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Submitted by NEVERDOORS on 9/26/2017 5:33:51 PM

Submission Comments
Bizhawk 1.12.1
Core Type - Pure Interpreter
Rsp Plugin - Hle
Active Video Plugin - Jabo 1.6.1
When playing back the movie, it may desync after leaving Kokiri Forest for the first time and talking to Kaepora Gaebora. Reboot core and try again.
This run heavily abuses glitches old and new to complete an All Dungeons run of Ocarina of Time, without using doors. The lone restriction of this movie can be best defined as ‘no opening doors’, where ‘opening’ refers to multiple different in-game events. The first and most obvious of these is opening a door by standing in front of it and pressing A. Opening the Door of Time, which normally requires 3 child dungeon stones and an ocarina song to open, is also disallowed. There are some actions (Zelda opening gates during tower collapse, Dampe using doors during his race, the rolling Goron unlocking Darunia's room) that are arguably 'using doors', but Link does not control these and these 'doors' are not labeled as doors in the game files. This initially seems to greatly limit the possible progress of any playthrough with this goal in mind, but due to some decisions made by the game developers, it is often possible to accomplish the same practical effect that you would get by opening a door by instead making Link touch the loading zone just behind it. As this often involves hovering or clipping out of bounds, not every door/loading zone combination can be skipped in this way, but most can. Because of the tiny crack in between Door of Time and the wall of the temple, we can force Link into the corner with enough speed and at the right angle to clip out of bounds and skip it, and can also utilize a void warp from the tower collapse scene to skip the door (twice) as adult.
The route transcription below uses a lot of technical language to describe the glitches and techniques used. Most all of them are documented at ZSR and don't warrant further explanation here. However, several terms are either TAS specific or not on ZSR:
Visual Frame / Input Frame: Ocarina of Time runs at 20 visual frames per second, but 60 input frames per second. This means that you have to advance three input frames in Bizhawk in order to advance one visual frame.
A-Slide (Analogue Slide): When you roll into an explosion or damage source and hold analogue down + shield, then wait until the right frame, you can alternate between analogue down/analogue neutral every visual frame to maintain speed from the bomb knockback and shoot forward. You can go from this state into a Z-Slide without losing speed, but cannot change angles without a speed trade off.
Z-Slide: Alternating Z presses every input frame allows us to maintain whatever speed we have, but locks us into a singular direction. This can be used to preserve full backwalk speed when moving up certain slopes where backwalking would have been slightly slower.
Nervous HESS: Sometimes while HESSing, Link can be seen shaking back and forth while moving. This is accomplished by alternating ESS left / ESS right on the control stick every frame, and doesn't affect speed.
The route description here is fairly dry and may be difficult to correlate with the movie if you're unfamiliar with the game. A more digestible commentary was recorded with ZFG and myself here.

Route Description

The beginning of the movie is fairly standard for an OoT TAS; we collect a few items from the shop and then escape Kokiri Forest early to the Ocarina cutscene my clipping through Mido. After making our way to Kakariko and collecting a bottle, we use a cucco dive to reach Bottom of the Well early, and abuse a glitch exclusive to the 1.0 version to clip out of bounds and collect bombchus. We savewarp out, and head to Zelda's castle courtyard for a fairy and the Weird Egg, which we hatch and use to wake Talon when it turns day. With this completed, we do a sidehop clip to skip the Door of Time and grab the Master Sword.
As adult, the first order of business is to head to Kakariko graveyard for a shield and hookshot. Since we now have shield, we can begin to use the explosives we have for a movement technique called a 'HESS' or Hyper Extended Superslide. After waiting in Death Mountain Trail for day to hatch the pocket egg, we enter Dodongo's Cavern and quickly perform a hookshot jump using a death, a ladder, and that fairy from earlier to make our way to the top of the map and collect bombs, which we immediately use to clip out of bounds and bomb hover to King Dodongo's room. KD is easily defeated, and we head out of the dungeon through the warp normally. (DODONGO'S CAVERN COMPLETE)
Exiting Death Mountain Trail, we clip out of bounds near the Kakariko shop ledge and bomb hover to the Talon house loading zone to wake him yet again, and leave the only way we can, by savewarping. After returning to Kakariko, we get Cojiro from Anju and some bugs for our bottle, and perform Reverse Bottle Adventure. Using Cojiro on C-Right with this glitch gives us a bomb bag and a quiver, and Poe in Bottle on C-Right gives us 29 bombchus. Getting bottle on B used to be a more significant challenge, but now can be performed anywhere with a wall and a correctly spaced damage source/explosion (although in this instance, we use Quick Draw bottle duplication with the water). This essentially gives us the ability to refresh our Bombchu count to 29 whenever we want.
Continuing the trading quest, we head to Lost Woods to collect the Odd Mushroom and make a short detour to Sacred Forest Meadow to collect Minuet of Forest, but skip watching the cutscene, we get Infinite Sword Glitch off of a bombchu and sidehop up the hedge slope, then sidehop in a specific direction out of bounds to hit the cutscene trigger just before we void out, and exit the Meadow with the song in our inventory. HESSing back to Kakiriko, we abuse the faulty collision by the Potion Shop stairs to clip out of bounds and then quickly damage boost with a chu to hit the loading zone, and continue the trade quest with the Odd Potion. Once we savewarp out and warp to Forest, we trade for the Poacher's Saw, which is quickly RBA'd for a few warp songs along with Poe in Bottle to replenish out Bombchu count. HESSing to Goron City, we sit through the long Goron dialogue to acquire the Goron Tunic, an important item needed to survive in a few rooms later on.
We take a shortcut through Darunia's room and Death Mountain Crater to the fairy fountain for Magic, and again warp to Forest for a quick entrance to Lost Woods. Bombs are collected, and the HESS shortly after is used to clip through the exit to Zora's River, where we use a megasidehop to move past the water fall into Zora's Domain. After another HESS and clip behind King Zora, we head to the fairy fountain for Farore's Wind and then use a megasidehop in the middle of a hover to touch the loading zone to Jabu Jabu and enter the dungeon. After setting FW here, we exit, savewarp, and make our way to Lon-Lon Ranch.
At the ranch, we hover over the fence to steal Epona and ride to the Hyrule Field entrance of Zora's River. After stocking up on bombs and getting Bottle B, we exit ZR while in the water to dim our B button and then die and respawn to achieve the 'Blank B' glitch, which allows us to use items while on Epona. We mount her again and ride all the way to Gerudo Fortress, stopping only briefly to collect the Broken Goron Sword in Gerudo Valley. While avoiding the Gerudo guards, we use the Ocarina to dismount Epona with blank B, hookshot the box to store a hookshot jump, and then back Epona up closer to the wall and dismount to use the jump and enter Gerudo Fortress. After exiting the same way we entered to store the correct exit value, we repeat the same hookshot jump setup, except this time using the flagpole to get more height. When we're about to void out, we return FW and are warped to an Out of Bounds area in Jabu Jabu, from which we fall into the water switch room and RBA Broken Goron Sword, set FW, then warp to Temple of Time into the Light Arrow cutscene.
The cutscene activates here because we already have the Spirit/Shadow medallions, which are the only ones the game checks for when deciding whether or not to play the Light Arrow cutscene. Additionally, because child link is shown briefly here, the game actually goes back and then forward again in time during the cutscene, allowing us to use Bottle Adventure to write the Boomerang to our B button, by having exactly 14 bombchus when entering the cutscene. With this setup, we make a quick detour for a fairy and then warp to the Lake Hylia, where we grab a heart drop and use the other bush to do a superslide teleport to reach the Water Temple loading zone.
After entering Water Temple, we return FW to Jabu, clip out of bounds, and void out, dropping Link's health to 0. After respawning again where return FW put us last, we are able to zombie walk while falling down, moving slightly behind where we spawned and entering the loading zone for the boss room. Because we are still dead, we take the death as soon as the Barinade cutscene ends and are revived with our fairy. The Barinade fight itself is interesting, as the only way we have to damage it with Boomerang on B is with the pots by the walls of the room. After two hits like this, we can throw the boomerang one last time and re-equip our sword for the next hit, and the final quick kill immediately after. We use the time it takes the game to fully load the blue warp to position ourselves on a very precise spot within it, entering the cutscene early and saving a few seconds. (JABU COMPLETE)
We weirdshot clip past King Zora and then exit Zora's Domain, then use a megasidehop to clip out of bounds again and enter the loading zone back to the Lost Woods. We weirdshot into the grotto, get bugs for Bottle B and then die again, respawning in the water for Blank B. Skipping past Mido, we move to SFM again and finally enter Forest Temple, only to set FW and warp away to Lake Hylia again. From here was travel all the way back to Gerudo Fortress, where Epona is waiting for us to perform a hookshot jump and void warp to Forest Temple. This spawns us slightly above the basement of the temple, where we drop down and maneuver around the slightly inaccurate collision to reach the boss loading zone. The Phantom Ganon fight is standard for the first phase, but gets quicker once he moves out of the painting thanks to a well placed bomb and hookshot manipulation to make him stay low enough to attack with out sword and finish him off. For the first time in the run, we use a death warp to die and collect the Forest Medallion at the same time, skipping the cutscene and spawning us at the beginning of the temple. (FOREST TEMPLE COMPLETE)
Warping away to Lake Hylia, we use a precise jumpslash clip under the bridge to reach the Water Temple again, and begin the long hover to the boss door hallway. This is possible thanks to a special corner on the ceiling of the map here, which allows us to clip through it, and even acts as a small piece of solid ground, making link 'pop up' after he clips and giving us some more height to work with. After hovering around the wall and into the hallway, we do the regular hover to boss key skip and enter Morpha's room. The fight finishes quickly, as we only need to get Morpha out of the water once and then we can finish him off with some power crouch stabs, using the spikes on the walls to self damage for the upcoming cutscene skip. Before that though, we need to get Bottle on B and damage down to half a heart, and once we do, we take another death cutscene skip and warp away to Kakiriko Graveyard. (WATER TEMPLE COMPLETE)
Shadow Temple is very hover intense, so restocking on bombs here is a must. Afterword we do a teleport superslide off the grass and seamwalk back up to the Temple. Upon entering, we maneuver to a very specific position behind the sign in the Truth Spinner room and megaflip off of it to clip through wall collision, then jump slash with precise timing to land on a small piece of ground in the wall. Since we are out of bounds now, we get ISG and begin the hover. From the initial clip position, we hover first above and then across the truth spinner room, and then sidehop down, barely clearing the door barring us from entering the maze hallway leading to the Hover Boots. Once in the hallway, we HESS to the corner just before the Hover Boots room and perform a bomb hover, clipping out of bounds through some strange wall/ceiling collision and sidehop-jumpslashing to just barely make it onto a tiny out of bounds patch of land in the corner. From this position, we hover underneath the ground before the Hover Boots room door, and then sidehop all the way down to the boss door room, megaflipping across the gaps and then using a clip/damage boost combination to hit the boss loading zone. Because Bongo-Bongo's damage hit box is loaded as soon as we enter, we can drop a bomb to stun him from above and then quickly finish him off before even watching any cutscenes. Since we already have the Shadow Medallion from RBA, we can take the warp without watching the cutscene and return to the graveyard. (SHADOW TEMPLE COMPLETE)
We are headed to Ganon's Castle, but need to quickly take care of some things in the graveyard beforehand:
-Bottle on B
-RBA Poe for 29 chus
-Bottle Dupe over Light Arrows (this allows us to receive arrow drops)
-Stock up on arrows/bombs
-Restore health (fairy)
-Bugs in Bottle for later
Warping away, we enter Ganon's Castle and immediately begin a hover, back towards the loading zone we just entered from, which does not extend all the way up, allowing us to hover above and around it out of bounds. Once past the LZ, we hover over the hallway and sidehop down, landing in the secret Deku Scrub room and HESSing into a megaflip, touching the loading zone to Ganon's Tower. The hover all the way up Ganon's Castle Tower is massive, and requires the following: -ISG BEFORE getting Bottle on B (we will not be able to use the sword until the Ganondorf fight, and we need to maintain Bottle on B so we can RBA more chus during the hover.)
-RBA more chus
-Torch clip out of bounds with hookshot, timed perfectly with an exploding bomb to 'stick' us in midair so we dont fall into the void
-Sidehop onto a small piece of land from the unloaded room next to the first hallway
-Begin the hover from here, maneuvering in between some tight walls and all the way up to the 3rd story of the tower
-Land on a small patch of OoB land inside one of the pillars, then RBA more chus
-Continue hovering up, then finally into Ganondorf loading zone
Once bugs are transferred back to our real bottle and Ganondorf is killed, we RBA more chus after the cutscene and then hover just off the ledge. From here, we can roll to briefly register link as 'on land' and quickly perform Ocarina Items to play the Ocarina while we fall down into the void. We combine this void with the Prelude of Light, and are whisked away to the Temple of Time, keeping the coordinates of our previous spawn position and landing in the... Prelude of Light cutscene. After re-learning the song, we go back in time and warp to Lake Hylia as child.
A few points regarding this child section, as it has only one goal (Epona's Song) and is not technically complex:
-There is no way to avoid waiting a full night cycle here. Because of this, it is fastest to warp right to LH instead of exiting from the Market, as time does not begin to pass until you enter Hyrule Field or Lake Hylia
-We needed to wait until now to get Epona's Song, as it would have been deleted by RBA had we learned it during Child 1.
-The timer that expires as we enter LH is left over from the Tower Collapse scene, and simply respawns you on the current map
-We need to have exactly 17 chus when we go forward in time again, so 3 need to be wasted as child. This presents an interesting problem, because we dont have the Deku Shield, so the only way to get rid of a chu without wasting time with the 'put chu down and go into first person view' animation is by pulling it out right before entering a loading zone, as well as right before the collapse timer respawns us on the warp platform.
Going adult with Poe on C-Right and 17 bombchus nets us the Megaton Hammer on B, required to beat Fire Temple. Before heading there though, we stop in Death Mountain Crater to cutscene skip Bolero of Fire and use it immediately to warp down to the pedestal. This is needed to set the correct 'last watched cutscene' value for the upcoming wrong warp (would crash otherwise). Entering the temple, we clip out of the first room and move right in front of the boss door, clipping again underneath the platform and hovering into Volvagia's loading zone. The fight is made much faster thanks to the decision by the developers to leave a separate Volvagia hitbox underneath the floor here, accessed with a weirdshot off the boss' head. Some amount of damage later, we return from hookshot mode and deliver the finishing blow. The wrong warp here uses the blue warp and the loading zone leading out to Darunia's room to take us back to Ganon's Tower, which we exit into the Tower Collapse cutscene... again. We replicate the same cutscene dive after getting Bottle on B, and head back in time. (FIRE TEMPLE COMPLETE)
This child section is very short, and actually is only used to BA Farore's Wind onto our B button. Since we still have the collapse timer, warping away to get rid of it is required as letting the timer expire during the next adult section would cancel the temp B value needed later. We make our way back to Gerudo Fortress for a third time, mounting epona to set temp B (?) and getting caught by the guards for easy access to gate skip. HESSing through Haunted Wasteland / Desert Colossus, we hover all the way up the temple face to grab the Mirror Shield and drop down to enter Spirit's main entrance. Here's how we get to the mini-boss room:
-A-slide off the pot
-Kill two Armos and manipulate bomb drops, then use the death explosion of the second one to HESS into an acute angle on the wall
-Land out of bounds in the pillar and megaflip to the child side crawlspace, then sidehop into the first child room
-Kill the Armos, get ISG off a keese and collect bomb drop
-Torch clip with an explosion to stick in midair
-Sidehop to crawlspace and again into the next room
-Collect bombs and weirdshot underneath the door
-Hookshot the climbable wall in the next room, then hookshot up
-Weirdshot by the door and hookshot the climbable wall, into the main room of the dungeon
From here we simply maneuver our way to the to the shoulder of the giant statue and bomb hover up into the face, careful to avoid sticking over any of the many slopes on the statue beneath link. This boss door is similar to Water Temple so we can hover up above it and jumpslash through to the loading zone. After the cutscene we lure the Iron Knuckle to the door and hookshot clip back through to the main room loading zone, setting Farore's Wind and moving out into the main room to collect bombs from the Armos. All the bomb drops in this dungeon were necessary, because from here we hover clip out of bounds from the statue's armpit collision and then all the way up into the room above the main room. Once inside, we megaflip off the pot and clip through to the light puzzle. With the statues in place, we weirdshot to the quickly lowered platform and warp away to Death Mountain Crater, finished with the first half of the dungeon.
Our destination is now Kokiri Forest, where we stock up on bombs and hover to the unloaded Deku Tree room and enter the loading zone, freely accessible without the tree loaded. To make our way to Ghoma's room, we hookshot up the main room and megaflip into a ground clip, falling out of bounds and jumpslashing a wall to make it into the boss loading zone. Since we lack deku nuts, the only fast way to make Ghoma vulnerable is to frame perfectly hookshot her eye while she's climbing up a pillar. To setup for the warp here we release/catch bugs and kill Gohma with ISG, then use Ocarina Items on the warp and cancel it, starting the warp timer that brings us to the Deku Tree cutscene. This timer only advances when we are within a certain proximity to the warp or if the camera is facing the warp, so we can use reverse camera angles to bomb hover up the large stone door blocking us from the dungeon loading zone. One up high enough, we the games explosive limit to quickdraw a bomb, which stores a ground jump and allowes us to reach the out of bounds top of the stone door. From here we manipulate the camera some more while hovering closer towards the door, and sidehop precisely into the loading zone, warping to the Tower Collapse scene... again. (DEKU TREE COMPLETE)
This time though, we use the fence to ledge clip and a bomb to void warp us into the tower, skipping the collapse sequence. From here we exit the castle and begin the Ganon fight, getting our sword knocked away and warping away just as we die to respawn with Farore's Wind on B thanks to the value her had stored earlier. We return FW and perform Skulltula Token Delay to do a massive hookshot jump off the platform we lowered earlier and skip the boss door a 2nd time. We set FW, warp away once more to Death Mountain Crater and exit/enter the Death Mountain Trail loading zone to Goron City to set the correct entrance value for the most complex warp in the run. We move through GC to the grotto next to the hookshot pole, and then get pushed into it and die at the same time. Once we are revived, we cannot turn to face the hole or else we will be instantly warped back to it and fall out of bounds. With these movement restrictions in mind we move to the rope bridge and use FW, which moves the camera around and warps us back to the death hole. With the right timing, we return FW while voiding out to finally wrong warp into the correct exit for the Spirit Temple boss room.
Before we can begin the fight, we need to quickly set FW / savewarp / return FW to be able to equip our sword. Once we do, the fight begins. We manipulate the first phase to stay on the same platform and never move, purposefully taking damage for later. The second phase is also manipulated to move quickly with a correctly timed hookshot, and is taken care of quickly. Again, since we have RBA'd the Spirit medallion, we can simple enter the blue warp to return to Desert Colossus and warp, again, to Lake Hylia. (SPIRIT TEMPLE COMPLETE)
To finish off the run, we simply need to get back to Ganon's Castle and finish the fight, but instead of hovering all the way back up again we choose to setup one last wrong warp, using a mini-game and a timer instead of a blue warp. To set this up, we do a ground clip into the loading zone to Zora's Domain, set up Bottle on B and die/respawn in water for Blank B. We unfreeze King Zora by pulling a trade item at a specific time on the stairs, then unloading/loading King Zora again and moving back up the stairs. We hold R lol during the cutscene to perform the Eyeball Frog early glitch, granting us our timer. We shield swipe bottle dupe over the frog, then warp to Death Mountain Crater one last time to clip out of bounds and void out. This freezes the timer at one second, and we warp to Kakiriko Graveyard and exit/enter Kakiriko to trigger the Nocturn of Shadow cutscene. With this finished, we perform the Down A glitch with the tower ladder, giving us the ability to use restricted items and setting FW to the Nocturn cutscene exit. With this in place, we head out to Hyrule Field and move near the Lake Hylia entrance ladder, using Epona's Song to call her near and then setting up another hookshot jump like the previous two in Gerudo Fortress. This time though, we ride Epona all the way to the Lon-Lon Ranch walls and activate our stored jump. Maneuvering just above loading zone to Lon Lon, we fall into it and return FW, spawning us at the previous FW coordinates in the Lon Lon map. Calling Epona again, we mount her and talk to Malon to start the riding mini-game. There are certain text boxes, such as the one here, that unfreeze the timer once advanced. This allows us to expire the timer and load the mini-game map simultaneously, warping us directly into the end of the tower collapse sequence. We use our last bomb to superslide into the cutscene, holding shield during to keep our sword, and finish off Ganon to complete the run.


Why is the game in Japanese?
The v1.0 Japanese ROM was used for this run not only for the time saved over English text, but also due to the fact that the Collection Delay glitch used to clip out of bounds in Bottom of the Well only works on 1.0
Why were some rooms invisible?
Dungeons offer an interesting challenge here, as opening doors is often the only way to load the actors and object textures in different parts of the dungeon. Luckily, every dungeon has all of the object collision loaded for every one of its rooms on the same map, no matter what room(s) Link is loaded in from when we entered the dungeon. This means that it is possible to reach and move around in rooms that are not fully loaded, again, usually by clipping out of bounds and/or hovering through large stretches of the map; other times, however, this is accomplished with a wrong warp. Optimizing these sections would have been nearly impossible without SceneNavi, a program myself and the No Doors Collective used to view map collision and learn our exact location by plugging in Link’s X/Y/Z coordinates. The out of bounds segments of this TAS with collision hacked in to be visible can be found here:
What is the significance of this category? Why no doors?
All the categories are made up, and the doors only matter because we will them to.
How was this made, and by who?
This movie was created by Taylor, but he idea for this run, as well as the route that it follows, was created and refined by the No Doors Collective, who are as follows: Amateseru | benstephens56 | cafde | Eumeus | Exodus | Faschz | omgatree6 | N3rdsWithGame | natalyahasdied | SnipinG117 | TaylorTotFTW. Thanks to N3rdsWithGame for providing me with several scripts that made the process much easier, for such things as optimal text advancing and sidehops (seriously, this probably saved days worth of work alone).

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Alright, there's a lot to go through here. Lots of things have been brought up, or otherwise need to be addressed in some way, so I'll go through it point by point.

Technical quality

Nobody has really contested that this movie is up to par if not beyond other TASes of the game in terms of optimization quality. In any case, it certainly does look plenty good enough. There are no objections here.


As of this writing, 39/51, or 76% of the voting audience voted yes. Posts in the thread were distributed with a similar rate of approval towards the run in terms of entertainment value. Even some who don't find the category publishable found the run entertaining, and Gruefood Delight was suggested multiple times. The bottom line here is that viewer response on entertainment value for this movie is quite positive, and definitely up to par for Moons were it to be accepted.


The main point of discussion here is, of course, the category. There are many facets to it, and how it interacts with the site movie rules.


The exact category title is "no doors, all dungeons". There's not much to argue about the all dungeons part. The movie clearly and distinctly does finish each of the dungeons in the game before defeating the final boss.
The controversial part here, naturally, is the "no doors" part, or rather how exactly to define it.
From a cursory look at the run, the main concept is simple enough to grasp; no action where Link opens a door (directly) is acceptable. What is and isn't a door is visually unambiguous in practically all cases, and what counts as directly or indirectly opening a door is also evident enough (for example, Dampé or Zelda opening doors does not count, it has to be Link in charge of the action).
The paragraph in the submission text goes into a few more specifics, but one can see that it (along with later posts) covers the same general ideas. In any case, the run takes a consistent and logical definition of Link opening a door and fully adheres to it. Therefore, I judge the run as legitimate in terms of following its goals.
(Some minor nitpicks can be made on the wording of the category, which should be closer to "no opening doors by Link/the player", but in any case, I consider the intent of the category itself to be clear enough).


Obviously, this is an arbitrary category. Most TASes don't adhere to restrictions of the player's actions, or care about performing actions that have no long-term consequences, do not result in any long-term state or flag changes, and so on. The game does not care too much if you enter a new area through a door or otherwise.
However, this TAS is not unique in that regard. I see this run as comparable to TASes like the Super Mario Bros. walkathon, which also is a category which restricts a player's action which has no long-term state or flag changes associated with it. (And, incidentally, the published run also goes through the extra hoops of going through each world, like how this movie does all dungeons). Another popular TAS with an unusual goal that come to mind is Super Metroid's Reverse Boss Order TAS. It's a cool run, sure, and there is some sense behind it, but it's still an arbitrary thing to do.
What I conclude here is that, yes, this run's category may be arbitrary, but that can be okay. It's not a reason to rule out publishing a movie, and we have examples of precedents in previous TAS publications that are popular and highly regarded while still having an arbitrary goal.

Suitability for publication

As the last section showed, TASVideos can publish arbitrary runs, but it can not publish any arbitrary run. The judge guidelines do state to keep the number of branches for a game minimal, but it is not a hard rule, and we can stretch it for any movie that can reasonably fit in alongside the existing movies of a game. Therefore, the requirement for publication in this instance is if this movie reasonably fits.
Ocarina of Time presently only has two published categories on the site, any% and MST. The primary question here is if this movie differentiates itself sufficiently from the published ones. Any% is no argument, as this movie obviously has far more of the game to show. And between this movie and MST, while the runs look similar at the start, once the movies start branching out they become very significantly different. This movie's route is definitely unique, and it has to go through a lot of hoops to be able to finish some of the dungeons with its no-doors restriction.
This is definitely a big part of the appeal of this movie - the fact that a lot of creative routing and interesting tricks are required to pass it, and it is this routing and usage of tricks and glitches that makes the movie very entertaining to watch to many. In the end, this movie has a lot more to offer in these aspects than MST does, and that gives it a distinct edge. With that, I find that this movie may reasonably be published alongside the existing any% and MST categories.


This movie is technically of high quality, has a pretty good entertainment rating in votes and posts, and the category is reasonably publishable. With that, I accept this movie for Moons, to be published as a new category.

One final note however, before this movie can be published: there is one issue with the movie file that still needs to be corrected. The movie ends input at Link's final slash on Ganon, rather than on the final dialogue like other TASes of the game - because of this, it does not reach the credits by itself. This needs to be corrected before the movie can be published.
I've set this movie to accepted because I want to express clearly that I have finished my verdict on it, but this verdict will only hold once the movie file is updated. Consider this submission as delayed until further notice, when the movie file update has been done.
Fog: Processing (and replaced movie file with file that reaches credits).

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