Gruefood Delight is a list of movie submissions that couldn't be published on TASVideos for one reason or another, but are notable enough to deserve a spotlight.
Please post in its forum topic if you have suggestions for other submissions to include.
Bon appétit, fellow gruefood gourmands!
Click the screenshot on the left of each entry to access a DailyMotion or YouTube encode. Note that not every entry has an encode. (Encode modules are not included on the page itself because loading tons of DailyMotion and YouTube modules would take a while on weaker devices.)
You can also check out interesting obsoleted movies at Obsoletely Fabulous.

Regular Gruefood

#4947: dwangoAC, Ilari & p4plus2's SGB Pokémon: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Version "Pokemon Plays Twitch" in 08:11.42
A technical masterpiece that debuted at Awesome Games Done Quick 2015. Explaining why this was rejected would take much more than a simple summary, so reading the lengthy judgement notes is highly recommended. Perhaps someday, the site will change to allow this run to be published after all.
#1493: Bisqwit's DOS Star Control II in 35:03.50
OK, this one isn't too fascinating in and of itself, but it stands as the first ever PC TAS submitted to TASVideos.
#1500: VANDAL's SNES Virtual Bart in 19:06.58
Yet another crappy Simpsons game what were they thinking arrrrrgh
#1576: josh l.'s SNES Puzzle Bobble in 25:44.12
This game is also known as Bust-a-Move.
The run completes 100 stages in total!
#1851: Xipo's NES Top Gun: The Second Mission in 12:54.85
Strangely hypnotic movie of the sequel to the first Top Gun...
#1939: Samoht's GBA Ms Pacman in 06:26.40
This arcade port is a bit repetitive and has a fairly arbitrary end point, but it is interesting to see a Pac-Man game TASed.

See also Randil's NES run: (forum post by Randil + YouTube video)
#2037: DarkKobold's SegaCD Dragon's Lair in 10:45.65
This full motion video game was quite the "breakthrough" technologically in arcades, but this run of the Sega CD port reinforces how simplistic it truly is. Added because the author mentioned this page in the description :)
#2682: MUGG's GBA WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! in 29:19.45
Um, everything in this game takes the same amount of time no matter what you do.
Still an entertaining game to watch though.
#4237: RealMyop's SNES Super Road Blaster in 17:21.21
An incredible port of a full motion video game to the SNES, and a movie made by one of the main hosts of a popular web series in French.

Unfortunately, a large amount of cutscenes and little to no user interaction mean this movie didn't stand out enough from real-time play to be accepted.
#957: slash_star_dash's N64 Castlevania in 45:19.97
The first ever 3D Castlevania title.
Author canceled due to improvements.
#1786: mz's NES Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular in 02:14.50
The name says it all.
Author canceled due to improvements.
#4051: Arnold0's SNES SimCity in 06:52.09
The fastest Sim City run yet (with regard to shortest input), which interestingly both
spawned a discussion on the meaning of the Workbench poll question and was brought up
in the Input time vs. AVI time discussion. The run probably would have been accepted
to the Vault but was canceled due to known improvements.
#5145: keylie & KadMony's SNES Final Fantasy VI in 31:47.69]
A technically impressive and entertaining game end glitch run that was unfortunately rejected when a faster run on Nicovideo was found.
#5619: Mitjitsu's Saturn Astal in 20:29.92
Despite having an overall faster time than all the known records, the first boss is beaten slower than RTA, due to a suboptimal strategy.
#1580: Bag_of_Magic_Food, nesrocks & Randil's GB Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins in 18:21.73
This relies on an emulator glitch rather than a game glitch so it's not really legitimate — but it's still pretty funny. Later an "official" run was published (though it's now obsolete).
#1968: SwordlessLink's GB The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in 03:36.37
Over 20 seconds faster than the run of the (U) version, mainly due to differences out of the previous runner's control.
#3513: Noxxa's PSX Super Adventure Rockman in 1:17:56.90
It's a Mega Man run, what could possibly go wrong?

...Too many cutscenes and too little user interaction? That's not it, as the movie rules have changed over the years to be more open to games such as this one.

Unfortunately even after multiple judgments, the definite reason this can't be accepted is using the wrong regional BIOS. Oops.
#3589: Crash41596 & Hutch's PSX Spyro: Year of the Dragon "Enter the Sorceress' Lair with 100 eggs" in 55:16.45
Plays a nearly full run throughout the game, but then bad emulation doesn't allow the player to finish the final boss fight. Whoops.
#3831: SwordlessLink's N64 Diddy Kong Racing "Glitched NewGame+" in 04:09.25
A huge improvement over the any% run ... though not legitimate as it copies data (like the plane) from a completed game save.
#3832: jlun2's GBA Densetsu no Stafy "Glitched NewGame+" in 00:11.02
Inspired by the Diddy Kong Racing run above, this is also a huge improvement over the any% run, though not legitimate for a similar reason.
#3903: Masterjun & FractalFusion's GBC Pokémon: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Version "glitched" in 01:10.47
Reaches the credits faster than the published run. However, it turns out that reaching the credits is not quite the same thing as actually completing the game, which the run happens to fail to do. Oops.
#3939: dark_rocco's SNES Super Turrican in 11:15.52
An improvement over the previous run ... played on an emulator that is no longer accepted.
#3980: dunnius's NES Hydlide "Easter Eggs" in 03:41.67
A huge technical feat that was rejected for using two in-game cheat codes (referred to as "easter eggs") to give the author infinite HP and MP, giving the run "an unfair advantage" over the published run.
#4425: dwangoAC's C64 C64anabalt "Fastest Kill Screen" in 01:21.03]
The first Commodore 64 TAS. Who said emulators need to be completed and have functional savestates in order to make TASes on them?

Was ultimately rejected due to both incomplete emulation and the goal choice not being considered proper completion. Nevertheless, good watch of a good game with good music.
#4450: TheAxeMan's NES Final Fantasy "Console Verification" in 1:11:28.35
The first TAS made specifically to be replayable on an actual NES. Its success in getting around many former verification issues can be seen in the video to the left.
#5200: itsPersonnal's GC Metroid Prime in 54:33.58
One of the most highly anticipated TASes in the history of tool-assisted speedrunning, a Metroid Prime TAS was finally completed and submitted.

Unfortunately, shakiness with Dolphin's sync meant that the movie could not sync in one sitting, and therefore could not be reproduced or encoded, and could not be published on the site.
#6846: CasualPokePlayer's GBC The Adventures of Pinocchio "game end glitch" in 00:12.27
This was meant to be an improvement to a published run of this prototype game, but it led to the discovery that the "game end glitch" used in the run is actually a level select debugging feature that was left in.
#7325: WDN2010's Linux Untitled Goose Game in 02:12.60
An excellent TAS of a quite popular PC game that unfortunately wasn't accepted because nobody else other than the author was able to replay the movie file.
#7416: dekutony's NES Pokémon Puzzle Collection "Shadow Puzzle" in 02:49.52
The first Pokémon Mini TAS submitted to the website. Unfortunately, it was only possible through a Libretro core, which is not acceptable due to the instability of Libretro's API, among other things.
#1030: catnap222's SNES Metroid Legacy "100%" in 1:26:37.05
One of the better Super Metroid hacks.

Hoandjzj improved this run by 7' (in-game time), but didn't submit it to TASVideos. You can watch the run in this YouTube playlist.
Try searching through Hoandjzj's channel to see more Super Metroid hacks beaten incredibly fast.
#2003: max12187566's NES Super Lion King in 05:24.38
A really terrible "port" of the interesting Genesis/SNES game.
#2042: HappyLee's NES Full Moon Mario in 05:11.58
Another Mario hack ... it looks better than most.
#2544: True's NES Somari in 24:14.09
This notorious pirate cart features Mario in a Sonic-like game.
#3273: kaizoman666, TheFinalBoss726 & Fethy75's SNES Kaizo Mario World 2 in 19:26.47
This sequel features more of everything. More totally fair traps! More beautiful layouts! More floating munchers!

For even more, see the published run of Kaizo 3.
#3648: Amaraticando & gbreeze's SNES Kaizo Mario World in 11:52.03
The most aesthetically pleasing hack of Super Mario World ever known. Oh, and there's the whole "difficulty" thing. But who here cares about that?
#4563: IgorOliveira666's SNES Unknown Game "warps" in 11:02.71
Later renamed Super Mario Bros. Enhanced to avoid confusion with a GBC game, this hack lets you play Mario 1 with the graphics and controls of SMW.

And that's about it...

Or is it?
#7494: MrTASer's NES Flappy Bro "Best Ending" in 00:24.46
A pretty weird romhack of the game Flappy Bird was allegedly stealing assets from.
#872: Genisto's GBA Mario Kart: Super Circuit "Playaround" in 43:49.38
A run of Super Circuit where the goal is to showcase as much "bad luck" as possible while still winning with some surprising tricks.
#1502: skamastaG, thegreginator's SNES Super Mario World "walkathon" in 14:03.70
An interesting idea for Super Mario Bros. applied to Super Mario World. Instead of "Does not use B", the rule for this one is "[no] pressing Y/X and left/right at all on the ground or in air ... Y/X are still pressed in this run, but only for holding items, never to increase Mario's speed (except for underwater)".
#1572: mr_roberts_z's N64 Super Mario 64 "Coinless-Cannonless-Capless" in 1:03:10.80
This collects as many stars as possible with the restrictions laid out in the title. Some stars are very difficult to get this way, and one in particular is snatched with an "epic" glitch that must be seen to be believed.
#1660: Hongbaichaoren's NES Super C in 12:35.93
Dismissed as inferior to a 2-player run. How cute, he's flossing that skull with a gun.
#1783: Genisto's SNES Super Mario World "playaround" in 52:39.23
#1801: Genisto's SNES Super Mario World "playaround" in 45:30.42
These two playarounds include some interesting bits left out of the many other SMW runs.

The video displayed at the left is Genisto's playaround v2, but you can also watch the first version on Dailymotion.
#1991: AngerFist's NES Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 in 02:42.90
The next step after the 4 Mega Man movie, this completes one stage of all 6 NES Mega Man games with the same set of input.
#2624: MUGG's GB Super Mario Land "walkathon" in 15:00.23
#2704: Felipe's Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Without SpinDash" in 22:29.52
A run of Sonic 2 without using Sonic's spindash move at all. Comparable to the SMB walkathons.
#2828: scrimpeh's NES Castlevania "no subweapons, no damage" in 13:18.44
Hey, you know that really great Castlevania run with its nice subweapon usage and excellent damage boosting and health management?

How about we not do all of that?
#2908: HappyLee's NES Super Mario Bros. "lowest score" in 14:32.80
A run of Super Mario Bros. that gets the lowest score possible in the fastest time possible.
#2976: Kyman, MICKEY_Vis11189, Moltov, Nahoc, SilentSlayers, snark, sonicpacker & Eru's N64 Super Mario 64 "16 stars" in 13:28.40
The most optimized "16 stars" run to date. It was originally intended that the player collect a minimum of 70 to finish, but a few bugs allow Mario to pass through doors and barriers that normally require a minimum number of stars to open.
#3556: Brandon's NES Super Mario Bros. "minimum button presses" in 05:48.04
A run of Super Mario Bros. that completes the game as fast as possible with the lowest amount of button presses.
Brandon also submitted one for Super Mario Bros. 3.
#4121: Sam's N64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Ganonless" in 31:13.17
"The aim of this run is to show what it would be like to finish the game Ocarina of Time without [ever] fighting the final boss. The reason this goal exists [is] to show a lot more of the game without the run being overly long. This run contains a decent amount of the glitches that are in this game and also shows off the recently discovered Wrong Warp glitch."
#3952: coconou's SNES The Smurfs "Pacifist, No Damage" in 24:10.30
A perfect example of a run that would be ideal for the Vault ... except it didn't not qualify for Vault rules due to its category and was sent to Gruefood as a result.
#3965: c-square's NES Super Jeopardy! in 25:28.57
A run similar to the Family Feud TAS, though this one has a story that's told through the player character's responses.
#4045: £e_Nécroyeur's NES Defender of the Crown "Fastest Game Completion" in 01:56.82
This run differs from the author's currently published DotC TAS only at the end, where it aims to reach the ending as soon as possible as opposed to ending input as early as possible. A discussion thread was spawned, and more than two weeks of discussion only saw the community, judges, admins, and the author himself divided over this issue. Ultimately, this run was rejected for solely being a stylistic difference and not improving on the published run in any objective way.
#4168: Aqfaq's Genesis Virtual Pinball "maximum score" in 00:05.46
This run ends input after 5 seconds ... then takes 74 hours to reach the maximum score of 99999900.

Too bad it couldn't end the game after that.
#4213: FractalFusion's GBC Pokémon: Gold/Silver/Crystal Version "Mr. Pi's TAS" in 31:41.59
All Pokémon games that can execute arbitrary code must have Pi runs, okay? Okay.
#4643: KDEuserX's Genesis Barney's Hide & Seek Game "Low%" in 00:00.02
Unlike the published run, this run takes advantage of the game's feature for Barney to run through the entire game and go straight to the credits all by himself, all done with one frame of input and thus making it over 14,000 times faster.

Since this run is virtually identical to this 2008 April Fools submission (as linked below), the image on the left links to the encode for that submission.
#5289: Spikestuff's NES Mario Bros. "1 player, 18 phases" in 07:39.79
A nice run showcasing abuse of a glitch that the 2 player TAS only uses during the Bonus Phases.
#5656: Soig's Genesis Contra: Hard Corps "100%" in 1:17:21.79
This run had the purpose to show off any possible content that this game has to offer, by beating the game multiple times with different characters and triggering all possible endings. Too bad the game doesn't actually have any collectable or percentage counter that could point out a full game completion, making this long and repetitive movie not applicable for Vault.
#5978: The_Tas_Master's N64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "All Medallions" in 53:21.70
This movie just kind of arbitrarily glitches some of the items into the inventory, before just glitch-warping to the credits anyway. It's Ocarina of Time, so it needs to have all random categories covered, okay?
#6222: Wobmiar's GC Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "all dungeons" in 1:52:04.20
Once alive, this branch is now dead. But who knows, someday it could still rise from its own ashes and return among the living. What's certain, is that the YouTube thumbnail wasn't a good omen.
#6774: Baddap1's NES Extra Mario Bros. "bad ending" in 05:26.78
This run achieves the game's "bad ending" in record time, using a wrong warp glitch that may not be usable in any other category for this hack, but it was rejected given the nature of the game's bad ending being nothing more than a glorified game over screen.
#6796: CasualPokePlayer's GBC Pokémon: Gold/Silver/Crystal Version "Coin Case glitch" in 30:01.80
Once the fastest completion for Gen 2 Pokemon (which is now held by a "save glitch" run of Pokemon Crystal), "Coin Case glitch" was initially kept as a separate branch due to its entertainment rating. Over time, this rating fell off, and when an improvement TAS was submitted, the category was put to rest for good when it was deemed to be too similar to the glitchless run of Silver.
#1419: Mitjitsu's N64 Super Mario 64 in 15:26.98
What stopped this movie from publication was that the author was looking into improvements...and then it got sniped by another author entirely.
#2404: mat89's NES Donkey Kong 3 in 01:04.29
In a true rollercoaster of judgments, this submission got rejected and unrejected twice, and then finally got accepted...and then got bested anyway. Ouch.
#4996: dwangoAC's A2600 FlapPing "Poorlords" in 00:16.65
This already short movie got sniped by an improvement that was another 20 times as short.
#5027: Samsara's N64 Fighters Destiny in 01:44.43
Was in the process of being published when it was sniped, and no, Samsara isn't bitter over it at all.
#6236: alex_ik's NES Contra in 08:48.36
Sat accepted in the queue for a bit over a week, and just as the publication was getting ready, it was bested.
#7011: DaJaWi & Meerkov's GBA Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone "game end glitch" in 02:59.00
Sniped while accepted thanks to the discovery of a new clip.

April Fool's

#1503: Xkeeper's NES Tetris in 00:08.92
A game over in Tetris quickly.

"The amount of frame optimization to keep the possible AVI as short as possible is stunning!! Anyway, it's much more entertaining than if input had ended on the first possible frame."bkDJ
#1504: curtmack's NES NES Test Cart in 01:31.68
#1901: Deign's NES Color a Dinosaur "Stegosaur" in 00:41.83
Not sure why this got rejected.
#1903: Sticky's Genesis Barney's Hide and Seek in 00:02.75
Not only does this beat the game by itself, but it does so nine times.
#1904: adelikat's NES Color a Dinosaur "Pterodactyl" in 00:43.58
By popular demand: "This movie is slower than Deign's movie, but FAR more entertaining as it takes the most entertaining path and executes it masterfully."
#1908: Chamale's NES Nintendo World Cup in 00:03.15
Could also be under Technical Foul ... but it does beat the first half of the game with practically no input.
#2211: alden's SegaCD Desert Bus in 41:17:15:05.68
The entire game compilation is a joke, not to mention the TAS. This particular game, a real-time bus driving simulator, became so famous that an annual charity event was created, where people play Desert Bus just because. This TAS goes on for 41 days and 17 hours.
#2611: adelikat's N64 Elmo's Letter Adventure "Playaround" in 01:12.40
Because we needed more Sesame Street. Elmo loves you, but he also loves drugs apparently.
#3080: ais523's DOS NetHack "fastest death" in 00:01.15
An unfortunate accident sends the protagonist to her grave before the first turn.
#3515: RachelB's Wii The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess "glitched" in 00:22.65
Glitching to the end of the game is not enough this time; this run instead glitches to the end of a different game altogether.
#3523: Bobo_the_King's SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars "Beetle Mania" in 45:35.38
To quote DarkKobold: "bobotheking has amazed us all in two ways. The first being his ability to write massively complex bots, that require a level of programming well beyond the abilities of 99.9% of the community. The second amazement comes from his ability to find mind-numbingly boring games to make movies out of; with the end result making paint drying look like the first run of Citizen Kane."
#3912: adelikat's FDS Super Mario Bros. 2 in 115:17:46:40.00
This is the run that doesn't end ... it just goes on and on my friend...

This movie (obviously) sets the record for the longest TAS ever.
#3916: Masterjun's SNES Super Mario World "glitchfest (1.43 exits)" in 03:58.46
An amazing glitchfest with a really odd goal (being an April Fool's submission).
#3920: NitroGenesis's NES Megaman V Fly "flying hack" in 32:54.71
A TAS of the hack Mega Man V Fly. Yes, the only modification to the game is the added ability to fly.
#4239: -ziplock-, slash_star_dash, aaa2, AB1, Abahbob, abeshi, Acmlm, addbball, Adebis, adelikat, AGGRESSiON, Aglar, aglasscage, agwawaf, airman2, Airwe, ais523, AjAX, AKheon, ALAKTORN, alden, AlejaKaiser, Alexandre, alexis_neuhaus, alexpenev, AlexPh, Alorxiel & alpha1233's GC Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex "100%, Wombat, 360 no Spin" in 00:32.93
It's a shame the author field in the submission form has a limited maximum length.
#4241: ForgoneMoose, ZX497, romscout, Turbodog702, zex, Desquall, SketchFile, Mecharichter, PKSL & a bottle of tequila's PSX Castlevania: Symphony of the Night "Richiter, No Uppercut, Expert Mode, French Glitchl" in 06:54.95
#4250: Dessyreqt's SNES Uniracers "100%, Tabletops" in 1:16:31:25.23
Give man the ability to create bots sophisticated enough to speedrun whole games, and this is what they come up with.

"This is a 100% completion of Uniracers, starting from a blank SRAM. "100%" is defined as getting a gold medal on every tour with every Uniracer. The idea is, if you like watching a level completed, why wouldn't you want to watch it completed the exact same way 47 more times? Also I feel like this is a very underrated branch of Uniracers. You see, when Uniracers first jumped to the top 10 of the SRL Popularity charts, it was all the rage to run any%. Few races of 100% were ever performed. I created this movie to show, not only is it a short and fun category, but accessible, too. One need learn only one trick to complete it!"
#4252: Masterjun's SNES Super Mario World "11 exits" in 08:07.53
This run still beats the game with the 11 exits route faster than any other run.
#4626: Noxxa's NES 2-in-1 Street Dance + Hit Mouse "Street Dance, all tracks" in 57:26.31
This NES game has 12 musical tracks, with quality high enough that the YouTube encode is flagged and blocked in several countries, including the United States, Japan and Germany.

It also features Jar Jar Binks dancing.

For those unworthy to watch it on YouTube, there is also a DailyMotion encode.
#4628: Dessyreqt's SNES Super Metroid: HISHE "0%" in 03:43.78
This is what Super Metroid really should have been like.
#4635: slamo's DOS Commander Keen: Episode 4 - Secret of the Oracle "paddle war" in 00:01.66
A game of classic Pong, player vs computer, first to 21. Who shall win?
#4636: got4n's PSX Rayman "memory glitch" in 04:17.35
This was the first thing made for BizHawk's PlayStation core.
#4639: TASeditor's DS Catz "Purr-around" in 01:31.68
Come on, how can you not love this?
#5064: Fog's Wii Gummy Bears Minigolf "All Holes" in 71:10:17:47.77
The dankest game of minigolf you will ever witness.
#5066: dekutony's NES Pocket Monster "game end glitch" in 00:51.91
This run features a dancing Pikachu, what more could you possibly want?
#5068: FitterSpace's GC 007: Nightfire "Drake%" in 02:45.98
"This wonderful category where you crash Drake's party and beat him to death is now possible thanks to the "Invincibility Glitch" found by happyclaymore24. With Drake dead his sinister plan to take over the world and kill millions of people is thwarted, and there wasn't even a need to go into space!"
#5071: MUGG's GBA Donkey Kong Country "dance around" in 06:11.45
Take a shot for every "That's Great!" in this Donkey Kong Dance-Around.
#5072: kaizoman666's SNES Unknown Game in 02:02.05
In no Super Mario World glitchfest will you see as many Marios flying around as in this submission.
#5073: Samsara's Windows Minecraft "game end glitch" in 05:11.35
#5076: Masterjun's SNES Super Mario World "ends input early" in 01:33.26
As the category states, this run ends input early. Very early. Input ends a minute and a half into the run. The run itself ends some time after the heat death of the universe. But it will beat the game eventually.
#5085: dwangoAC, ais523 & ChrisS67's DOS NetHack "spend ~900 turns preparing for fastest gametime, t" in 01:27.48
A run with very high production value (well, half of it) and extremely detailed submission comments. Just the category may come across as slightly iffy.
#5437: Fog's Wii Unknown Game in 00:47.57
This Smurfs dance-around is so good, that it doesn't even need actual player input.
#5447: Masterjun's SNES Super Mario World "expansion game end glitch" in 00:41.75
When controller input has reached its limits, the obvious next step is to go for input beyond that of the controller!

This movie actually beats the game end glitch run by a few frames, but the expansion port it makes use of is not considered a legitimate form of controller input.
#6683: EZGames69's DS Nintendogs: Lab & Friends "Pet the Dog" in 02:32.04
Can you pet the dog? Yes, yes you can.
#6697: Xander's Wii Super Mario Galaxy "Fastest Crash" in 21:41.48
While we all wait for the completed run, enjoy watching the lead-up to a game crash on the Nintendo Wii.
#6698: kaan55's Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "True Super Sonic Speed" in 16:57.64
This run allows Sonic to reach his full potential, and without level wrapping. Blink and you'll miss entire stages!
#6699: Masterjun's Linux Linux "Linux" in 04:22.05
A plausible workflow for using a computer without Internet.
#7071: Masterjun's SNES Super Mario World "repeated input" in 02:22.93
Other than some... external modifications... to account for frame rules, this really does play input 11 times in a row and beat Bowser!
#7073: greysondn's SNES Mario Paint "Color-A-Dinosaur%" in 33:53.63
A remake of all previous colored dinos, with some fun surprises.

"Fast where it counts, played for entertainment value where the zen of coloring is of more relevance."
#7407: rythin's Flash Hungry Pumpkin in 01:22.91
"NO! I don't want that!"
— TASVideosGrue being given this TAS
#7408: p0008874's GB Wordle in 00:04.03
A Game Boy Color version of the game that took 2022 by storm. What kept it from being accepted?

Maybe the fact that it's almost as simple as a game of Tic-Tac-Toe?
Note: Anything in quotes is from the movie's submission text except where noted otherwise.

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