Published on 6/16/2024
Based on the animated film from DreamWorks, Madagascar follows Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria as they attempt to stop Marty from leaving New York's Central Park Zoo and accidentally wind up in Madagascar. As the game progresses, the animals develop new skills to help them explore the island, such as the stealth crawl, the sneeze jump, and the claw climb.
The game also features the ability to switch between up to four characters at any time. This enables a host of new routes and tricks like rapidly switching characters to prevent damage knockback and enable a triple jump.
In this run, CoolKirby, YoungJ1997lol, Alyosha, and SuperSqank utilize these tricks to speed through the movie's plot while saving more than 00:15.55 from the previous movie, although the time saves are likely larger when factoring out emulation differences.

This movie has been console verified, which you can watch here.
We also have a run of the console versions of Madagascar which you can find here.

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GBAHawk v2.1.3

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