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Published on 3/2/2007
Mega Man X2 makes a particularly interesting run as there are many weapons that can be used to increase mobility. These include a grappling hook, a fast mid-air dash and a weapon that can transform enemies into platforms. The authors take special care to ensure that when there is a situation in which a weapon could help them progress quicker, they make use of it.
This run improves the previous version by about 23 seconds of game-time. The previous run used the Japanese ROM, and the shorter cutscenes in that version make the improvement less apparent.
This movie aims for the fastest time possible. However, because the shōryūken (flame uppercut) used towards the end of the movie saves so much time, and because to get it the authors must first collect 100% of items such as Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, and Item Capsules, this movie could be seen as a 100% run. Zero Parts are not required for the shōryūken, and thus they are not collected.
If you would like to watch this game played collecting Zero's parts, but not collecting any of X's, see this run.
The page Mega Man X Tricks explains some of the tricks that can be used in the X series games.

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