"Family Tree"

Something like this: <VBA 1.72> -- <VBA-RR> v19 -- v21 -- v22 -- v23 -- (still active)
                        -- v20 -- v24-alpha -- (undecided)
<VBA 1.80b> -- <VBA-M series> -- <VBA-"ReR"> v24 -- (active) }}

Version numbers

Note: This might be inaccurate.
Movies are more likely to be sync-able with VBA-RR versions that are on the same branch i.e. horizontal line. There are always exceptions, nevertheless.

Summary VBA Sync Information for currently published movies on TASVideos.org

All VBA movies published on TASVideos.org work on the v24 branch (if stated in the corresponding submission descriptions) or otherwise v23.
These movies require manual or automatical conversion in order to be played on VBA-ReRecording v23:

The following applies only to GB/SGB/GBC movies:

These movies require VBA-ReRecording v19, v21 or v22 (the last SVN WIP with the same timing was revision 232):
This movie requires VBA-ReRecording v20:
These movies require VBA-ReRecording v20 or v24:
This movie requires VBA-ReRecording v17:
All movies whose submission pages had a stated version earlier than v17 work on the latest version on the v23 branch.

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