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In Cheetahmen II the player again assumes the role of one of the three Cheetahmen (Aries, Apollo and Hercules); after defeating a boss at the end of the second level, they switch to the next Cheetahman for the following two levels, as in the Action 52 version. Due to a bug, it is impossible to get to the levels in which one plays Cheetahman Aries without altering the ROM image or experiencing a glitch that very rarely starts the game on these two levels. Though PacoChan released fix patch in order to able to play other 2 levels. You have to download the patch from here to play this movie.

Game Objectives

  • Bizhawk v1.4.0
  • Applied IPS patch
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Takes damage to save time


Stop Walking: Enemy spawns are determined by frames or your character x position. So you should stop walking to manipulate enemy spawn. This is used in Level 4~6.
Infinite Jump: Physical attack can be cancelled with jump then you can do attack, cancel repeatedly. Apollo can't use this glitch.


114 frames faster than my previous run (you need nico account). I switched FCEUX to Bizhawk but there were no extra/reduced frames as far as I looked.

Improvements in Stage by stage

Level 1

Reduced lag from killing enemies in frames: 400~420. (1 frame saved)

Level 2

Better Dr. Morbis fight. (1 frame saved)

Level 3

Reduced lags with changing jump frame. jumped at 4454. (4 frames saved, 6 frames in total)

Level 4

Better Ape-Man fight. (2 frames saved, 8 frames in total)

Level 5

Using walking trick in some places. This allowed me not to kill or jump over enemies later. (68 frames saved, 76 frames in total)

Level 6

Walk tricks could reduce waiting frames and jump to cancel attack in Dr. Morbis fight. (38 frames saved, 114 frames in total)

Noxxa: Judging.
FractalFusion: Added Nicovideo module.
Noxxa: As stated in the previous submission's comments, the hack that allows completing the full game can be used to obsolete it. Therefore, accepting this run to obsolete the previous publication.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #3896: was0x's NES Cheetahmen II in 03:31.14
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Link to video I didn't know that らるく⇔あんど⇔こっぺぱん is was0x. Edit: Apparently was0x changed username again. I don't get it.
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I can't believe I just watched this again. If the AVGN were to see this I think he could kill himself. God action 52 games were bad, I just can't thing why I wouldn't give a yes to a horrible game like this!
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As epic as fresh Guga meat. Voting yes.
YoungJ1997lol wrote:
Normally i would say Yes, but thennI thought "its not the same hack" so ill stick with meh.
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I find it so appropriate that the last level has the Cheetahmen kill the Action Gamemaster (shut up, it's personal canon), and then immediately get a game over. Yes vote.
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This is the best game ever made, A+ 10/10. Yes vote from me.
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Nice run. I thought it was entertaining, so yes vote. I'm glad you decided to run the patched version too; it's interesting to finally see the fifth and sixth levels.
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this game is a joke, but nice run vote yes
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voting no, the game is boring as hell and the run didn’t even look optimized
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It's good to see a run on the bugfixed version. The health bar looks a lot better, and the Aries stages are fairly interesting since they have so many enemies. However, those stages do feel pretty sloppy too. I can't say anything about whether the run is optimized. With a game this clumsy, even optimal play is going to look bad. I'd say this gets a Meh for entertainment. It has novelty, but ultimately the run has fairly few ways to show off.
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I vote meh for good execution of a lousy game. Decent Vault submission, though. Ugh, if I paid money for this I would probably never have played another video game again. How can the "you can't get past level 4" bug make it onto a cartridge? Did they not have QA or beta test teams?
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This is probably the worst game I've ever seen (I mean, even E.T. can at least be finished). It definitely had a "so-bad-it's-good" vibe to it, but that doesn't prevent the movie from being monotonous. Besides that, I agree that it doesn't look completely optimized. If the run was faster, I could easier accept the uninteresting gameplay. Guess that's a meh vote for me.
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NFITC1 wrote:
I vote meh for good execution of a lousy game. Decent Vault submission, though. Ugh, if I paid money for this I would probably never have played another video game again. How can the "you can't get past level 4" bug make it onto a cartridge? Did they not have QA or beta test teams?
In this case the game was not intended to be released. But someone found some box-load of copies and sold them, then the game got dumped and here we are.
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I love how fans takes their "jobs" way more seriously than Active Enterprise took theirs
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Game made no sense to begin with taking the broken pixels come from the patch. Makes this the perfect image.
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [2345] NES Cheetahmen II "all levels" by illayaya in 03:31.14