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I think this is a good hack to submit ^^
Special thank Metaquarius for creating such a good mini-hack
Patch version: 1.0 (UH) for Super Metroid (JU).smc
Emulator: snes9x-1.51-rerecording-v7-win32
Goal choice:
  • Aim for fastest in-game timer (but still optimize for real-time as much as I can)
  • 100% collection
Route and strategy:
  • RTA world record by Galamoz
  • You'll move very fast as a ball, so Spring Ball is collected as soon as possible
  • Grappling Beam is taken right after, because there's a Missile pack that requires it
  • Normally killing Spore Spawn is required for Super Missile, but it now can be skipped
  • Gravity Suit is taken before going to Draygon's area
  • Flying brain now cannot fly anymore :)
Thanks for watching!

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: This hack doesn't really seem to offer much material compared to the base game or other Super Metroid hacks. Graphical and musical changes are basic, the level design and item placement while designed to be suitable for speedrunning don't offer too much of interest from a TAS-viewing point, and the choice of ending theme appears to be rather controversial to say the least. Ultimately, the hack just does not hold up entertainment-wise, and viewer reception turned out mediocre at best - which is not good enough to publish a hack with. Rejecting.
Memory: Revisiting due to rule changes.
Memory: So the previous judgment is representative of a different time when we were much more snobby. We had a much more narrow idea of what we want to see from hacks and there really isn't a great reason for it now. Watching it now, it's really not a bad hack, even if I tell the ending theme "don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more" from how unfitting it is. Optimization seems absolutely fine. The hack is definitely well known and easily found.

EZGames69: Processing...
EZGames69: Just as a note for anyone in the future who's planning on re-encoding this, the rom details I've provided is the name of the ips, but the MD5 and Sha-1 are from when the patch is applied to the original ROM. Just to avoid any confusion.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #5930: Hoandjzj's SNES Super Metroid Y-Faster "100%" in 24:34.09
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Loving all the Super Metroid we've been getting. Yes vote.
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I actually watched this before submission as it was available for a while now. >Game is more made for the sake of the speedrunning scene. Hm, okay. From observations on more notable hacks, we already have; Metroid Super ZeroMission and MockingBird Station TASed. So it'll have to go against actual more notable Metroid Hacks. In preference, I'd rather wished you went to MockingBird and create a 100% route, or actually grab a more notable Super Metroid hack that's been circulating. As for the Hack itself, it's designed for speedrunning in mind. Which is notable by the IGT up top. It's not interesting of a hack and for a 100% that contains apparently nothing in exploration compared to Super ZeroMission, Jesus. Love the blue ball escape sequence of nothing. >What Is Love? going off in the background. And I'm done. Thanks for the copyright that we're going to get off of it I guess when this gets accepted. I'm leaning towards No in terms of Entertainment, and I might as well stick with that way I'm leaning towards.
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For the most part the hack wasn't really interesting. Just felt like a really condensed version of the original game with a bunch of things shortened. Some of those are nice like transitions and item pickups but the bosses had their health drastically lowered for what felt like an attempt to arbitrarily appeal to speedrunners. Additionally, while changing the music can be cool, it was just slightly different pitches of existing Super Metroid songs and the ending result was questionable. Normally this would just be a meh. But then there was the "What is Love" at the end of it. Voting "No". EDIT: Would greatly prefer a TAS of any of the stronger Super Metroid hacks which I know are out there.
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About SM hacks, here's a brilliant piece of research by ED that helps to see basic qualities of SM hacks (List_of_all_existing_rated_SM_hacks.txt document): Post #449604
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Spikestuff wrote:
>What Is Love? going off in the background. And I'm done. Thanks for the copyright that we're going to get off of it I guess when this gets accepted.
Haddaway is gonna get his!
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No vote for what this hack does to Red Brinstar's theme. In all seriousness, I really feel like this hack has nothing to offer outside of shallow appeal for speedrunners. Problem is, you should never attempt to design a good speed game; design a good game, and people will speed run it. The items being placed so close together with little actual exploration (the bloody point of a Metroid game) does very little to get me exactly enthralled with this hack. The TASing itself looked just fine, but the hack is, frankly, mediocre at best. That ending can also die in a fire.
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FWIW, this hack is rather well-regarded, being the community's 5th highest rated Super Metroid hack (source). Structurally, it's better to think of this hack as an open-world Mega Man game than a traditional, nominally linear Metroidvania. By that I mean that the four main areas of the game can be done in any order (stuff is slightly rebalanced to accommodate this), and the rewards they provide are useful in the other areas. This is the main appeal of the hack, both when playing casually and when speedrunning it. As for the TAS, I found it quite enjoyable. Thanks for making this.
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I find the hack really cool visually. The new color palettes really add a whole new flair to the areas. The gameplay was entertaining enough. I found the spring ball movement underwater in the beginning curious: Is that in the vanilla game too, or does the hack change the game physics? As far as entertainment goes, yes vote.
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When hack is taken by professional composer. 10/10 or even 100/100 for remixes. Very cool music. Not all, but most. But for entetainment's searchers... hmm... better way is looking at original game. No vote.
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From a standpoint of the run itself, namely, the technical aspects, it's a great run. Lots of tricks, some sequence breaking, what's not to love there? The hack itself looks pretty nice from a graphical standpoint. Even a few of its sound remixes are nice. Some. That ending... what. No. Why? That said, I voted Meh. It feels cheapened when something built to be speedrun is indeed speedrun. A lot of the entertainment value is lost. It feels like shooting fish in a barrel. In VATS.
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4728] SNES Super Metroid Y-Faster "100%" by Hoandjzj in 24:34.09