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To quote Wikipedia, “Virtual Boy Wario Land is a platforming video game.” It continues the tradition of previous Wario Land games, following the antihero on his quest for riches as he becomes trapped in a series of 14 underground caves with hidden treasures in all of them and is forced to find his way back aboveground.
After two years of publishing the VBWL any% run, both of us are very encouraged to present this new movie, as we worked hard for a whole year with more than 50k rerecords, and gave the best of us to get a big improvement to the latest movie, which in the end, it all sums 01:29.89 seconds. This movie is also the latest remaining movie made with VBjin to obsolete, and we are finally done!... wait, Red Alarm... welp. But it still syncs with VBjin, for low-end users. As a last note, when completing with all treasures, the amount of coins does not matter! So the only target for this movie is 100% fastest run.

Game objectives:

  • Aims for shortest input (because TAS standards)
  • Uses glitches to save time
  • Best ending / 100% (all treasures)
  • Still attempts to entertain
  • Genre: Platform

Per Stage Comments

Tricks used in this run are mostly the same as mentioned in the any% run, we recommend you to read them too if you are really interested, we will only mention the new in this all treasures run. The main difference between any% and 100% run, is that sometimes changing Wario’s form are required to get a treasure, Sea Dragon and King Dragon Wario are definitely useful for the run, but also slow, so we tried to use Sea/King Dragon the least amount of time possible (see Stage 2 for the most noticeable example).
StageFrames SavedSeconds Saved
Stage 01490.975
Stage 02871.731
Stage 0362512.432
Stage 0450.099
Stage 051733.441
Stage 063777.499
Stage 073116.186
Stage 0840.08
Stage 0995919.076
Stage 102645.251
Stage 1193518.598
Stage 121112.208
Stage 1356111.159
Stage 14500.995


The menuing is still exciting as in the any% run, saving amazing 8 frames.

Stage 1

Besides of the same tricks used in any% run, the moment to get the treasure was optimized enough to save a total of 49 frames, almost a second, it’s amazing.

Stage 2

We got a creative route change for the part to get the treasure in this stage. There’s a ? Block near the treasure room, so we hit that block that has an Bull Wario and got it once the treasure is obtained, due to this, 87 frames got saved!

Stage 3

Do you remember the block avoided before the entrance of the key room? This is no more a avoiding-coin run so let’s get these 20-coins and get richer! Also, in the end, you may be confused of the big block with the door to the treasure. To destroy a block with a ground pound, Wario requires a minimum amount of distance between him and any floor to hit/destroy a block, so the only way to get that vertical distance for it, we needed to reach to the ladder.

Stage 4

Same as in the any% run, we tried the Dinosaur Fish battle to be interesting to watch (Nintendo needs more creativity with naming, seriously), and speaking of input, EZGames69 had fun making some playaround and playing with the input as you may see.

Stage 5, 6 & 7

There are no new tricks in these stages than just lots of optimization, just to note that in this run Stage 5 is the first to use walljumping, yay! Frame saving, let’s go!

Stage 8

This stage is where Cyorter had his favorite playaround after the Sand Fish battle! (it is better than Nintendo naming enemies in this game), it is also the least improved stage, with just 4 frames saved.

Stage 9

This level has some little frame delays that we call: RNG Manipulation (because it hated us in this run), besides that, is almost exactly the same as in any% run.

Stage 10

Unfortunately, the 30-second rule in this stage is not applicable due to the treasure, so the time save is a little, but still significant 264 frames, wow!

Stage 11

In this stage happens the same as in Stage 2, as we used Eagle Wario in the whole stage because King Dragon Wario is useless in the entire run. 935 frames, almost 20 seconds saved!

Stage 12

Let’s not speak about the name of stage’s boss, Tank and Operator, well, nothing to mention here than just playing around and making fun after boss battle and saved more than two seconds... how?

Stage 13

Well, the treasure is found in the beginning of the level, so this stage happens almost exact the same as in the any% run, with the same optimizations, 561 frames saved.

Stage 14

We are finally finished with this movie with this final battle, Demon Head! (...), pretty easy as in the any% run, and we end the input in the last jump before the demon is defeated. Saved 50 frames somehow...

Unused Techniques and Potential Improvements

Same as any% run, is better to not copypaste it as we recommend you again to read it too.

Special Thanks

  • adelikat, seriously, his baseline and route chosen was part of our inspiration and we used in all the run, with a little differences (Stage 2 and 11specially).

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Finally best ending was improved. Great work guys and yes vote!
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I never saw the original, but this run entertained me regardless. The improvements are quite large, so this is an easy yes vote from me. I guess I never really sat down and watched VBoy footage because I'm surprised at the graphical fidelity of the system.
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What is seen in this movie is certainly superhuman. It exhibits excellent control over jumps, always landing in just the right spots. My favorite moment, though, was flipping the "Automatic Pause" switch at the beginning while waiting to be able to confirm the selection. Minor nitpick; the freeruns during the coin deluges didn't seem as coherent or directed, except for the first one which collected all coins. But it takes up a mere fraction of the excellence that is this run, and it certainly doesn't take away any time. Yes vote, naturally. Excited to see an official 3D encode.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4560] Vboy Virtual Boy Wario Land "best ending" by EZGames69, Bloopiero & Cyorter in 20:23.61