• If you are watching the .m64 file, make sure you have these settings on with Mupen64 v.0.5.0:
Video Plugin: Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6 Input Plugin: N-Rage`s Direct-Input8 1.60 Sound Plugin: Jabo's DirectSound 1.6 RSP: RSP emulation Plugin and make sure RAW DATA is checked under ->Options-->Input
Quite a journey to make an N64 game. First of all, this would have never been completed without the help from everyone on the message board and in IRC. More of a thank you to MWL for providing a walkthough, via webpage located: http://mwlin.freehostia.com/wiki/index.php?title=TAS/Speed. Thank you to AKA, Acryte, YautjaElder, and everyone on SDA forum and NESVideos forum for much of needed help.
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Ignores minor obstacles
  • Completes game as fast as possible
  • Abuses programming errors
A short description on what went on: OH NO! Dreams of soon-to-be Deja Vu & The Great Deku Tree is in need of help!
Kokiri Forest - Fastest route in getting rupees so far. No more diagonal walking unless needed in certain areas for a small distance.
Inside the Deku Tree - Ahh, the 1st dungeon. In the room with the Skullita and web on the ground, there is a new method there which will take off 4 minutes or so in the next run. I got lucky in the Pre-boss room.
To skip a lot of backtracking, there is a part where Link grabs a chicken and jumpslashes over the Guerdo fence to go to the Spirit Temple.
Haunted Wasteland - There is a poe that navigates you through the desert, but with brilliant skill, Link surpases that.
Spirit Temple - What a fun 1/2 of a dungeon where Iron Knuckle meets his doom for the 1st time! Also, there is a way to get the Mirror Shield early, maybe it will get used in a future run.
  • Had just enough of a heart remaining to die upon impact for a death/warp
Fishing Pond - Swimmin into the middle of the pond after catching the biggest fish and holding Z & R while swimming to the owner will give you the Golden Scale, needed to dive deep and get the bottle. There is a way to skip King Zora now without the bottle, maybe it will get used later on.
Hyrule Castle - The 1st of 2 seamwalks. Seamwalks are tough when you start out, but practice makes it easier. The sidehopping past the guards was fun because they just look to lazy to say anything to you.
Zora's Fountain - There was said to be a way to roll into Jabu-Jabu's mouth at the perfect pixel angle, but after many attempts, I gave up and did the next easiest thing, which is jumpslash on him to enter.
Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly - Fun dungeon with a stabbing bomb boost for the Mini-boss skip.
Dodongo's Cavern - 85% of this dungeon was skipped due to the bombchu's lighting the eyes. No one could prove if it was possible to light both eyes with 1.
Death Mountain Trail - The 2nd and last seamwalk to get to the Great Fairy Fountain and jumpslash through the mountain side to enter since I had no bombchu's.
Market - At the Market, I went bombchu bowling for the bomb bag upgrade to carry 30 bombs. Even though I didnt get the bombs, when I become an adult, they are automatically filled!
Temple of Time - OH NO! Ganon, The King of Evil, has followed me into the Temple of Time!
Graveyard - The dead Graveyard keep is wanting to race me in his grave! He likes my style so he gives me the Hookshot! Back in the Graveyard, the Poe boost was never accomplished after thousands of tries. So a new method was discovered!
Shadow Temple - The funnest watching Temple of them all! This is where I pick up the hover boots because they are needed for the other Temple's (Forest and Spirit). Bongo Bongo met his final beat.
Lost Woods - Since Mido did not get any taller, I might as well just backflip over him!
Sacred Forest Meadow - To skip most of the annoying enemies in this area, I used a "stored ground jump" to get to the top of the ledge and hover my way on down.
Forest Temple - Only thing needed out of here is the Fairy Bow. Once I got that, I played the Requiem of Spirit and went to the Spirit Temple to finish the 2nd and final Temple.
Spirit Temple - Some obstacles were in my way because I did not have the Longshot, but just a few seconds were lost in climbing and such. The witches could have been beaten a little faster but I could not position them so they would not move, got frustrated and gave up! However, I did stab Twinrova to death.
Inside Ganon's Castle - ALL SAGES UNITE! The most desynching part of the game is here in the Castle. Redo, after redo was put into this, but finally got it done!
  • Going down the tower, I only needed to keep Zelda moving to where she needed to go
On Ganon, there is a place behind his foot where if you stay and don't move, he'll just glide you around like a merry-go-round.
Final blow on Ganon is at frame 539871, 2 Hours 29.8Minutes. End of movie is at frame 552279, 2 Hours 33.4 Minutes.
Enjoy the video!

adelikat: Accepting. Good luck publishers.

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I'm just wondering here. Since the speeddemosarchive run of this game is 6 minutes faster than the TAS, should this TAS be considered obsolete?
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Dwedit wrote:
I'm just wondering here. Since the speeddemosarchive run of this game is 6 minutes faster than the TAS, should this TAS be considered obsolete?
It's been obsolete ever since it was published, maybe even before that.
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Dwedit wrote:
I'm just wondering here. Since the speeddemosarchive run of this game is 6 minutes faster than the TAS, should this TAS be considered obsolete?
Both runs are considered to be using obselete strategies.
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Guybrush wrote:
It's been obsolete ever since it was published, maybe even before that.
With that type of thinking, nothing would get published ever. Not saying that we shouldn't strive to make things optimal, but do try to not be so blunt in a malicious way.
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Post subject: Link is dead.
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The link to JXQ's commentary given here is dead.
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Post subject: Solution for SOME people experiencing desyncs
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I am one of many people who were experiencing desyncs when replaying zelda oot. It took me a while to find this solution: 1) Download Game booster from http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html (FREE) 2)Run game booster 3)Replay emulated movie It works for me. Hope it works for u zelda fans!!! BTW: i run vista on pc
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Hello everyone, for the french speakers, we made a commented video of this amazing Tasvideo. You can watch it here : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xce0to_tas-zelda-ocarina-of-time-commenté_videogames See you soon!
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I'm actually impressed you managed to get a TAS listed as Creative Content, I guess a commentary is all that was needed to set it off... Perhaps I should start uploading the speedruns I put onto DailyMotion with a commentary, heh.
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Link to video I made a 720p "encode" via OBS just for preservations sake, though there seems to be some graphical errors I couldn't figure out. Ah well. Oh, and yes commentary included.
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