Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog TAS by JXQ

This run satisfies the following criteria:
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Ignores delays caused by bonus effects
  • Emulator used: Gens 9Z
  • Suggested Screenshot:
Here we have an impressive hack put together by Stealth, placing Knuckles into Sonic the Hedgehog 1. The game has been discussed here a bit, but you can find its official topic at the Sonic 2 Beta message board. All of Knuckles' abilities are preserved and are true to the feel of playing as Knuckles in other Sonic games with LOCK-ON TECHNOLOGY.
I worked on this run and my Sonic run concurrently. The games were similar enough that doing them together helped keeped things fresh in my mind, yet different enough that it didn't get too repetitive.
I suggest watching the Sonic run first before this one, because the Sonic run shows how the game was meant to be played before watching this run break that mold.
Green Hill 10:17
Green Hill 20:11
Green Hill 30:28
Marble 10:15
Marble 20:14
Marble 30:28
Spring Yard 10:20
Spring Yard 20:21
Spring Yard 30:44
Labyrinth 10:23
Labyrinth 20:26
Labyrinth 30:28
Star Light 10:17
Star Light 20:14
Star Light 30:30
Scrap Brain 10:21
Scrap Brain 20:29
Scrap Brain 30:13
Final Zone1:12
Points of Interest:
  • Green Hill 3 - The bottom route after the speed shoes does get to the boss faster, but not being able to hit him right away more than negates this difference.
  • Labyrinth 2 & 3 - Releasing the button while sliding on the ground gives a pause, which gets the ball rolling for some nice zipping action.
  • Scrap Brain 1 - Sonic's route with the zipping is quite a bit slower than the route taken here (Thanks to Ouzo for this route).
Thanks to:
  • Upthorn, again, for going above and beyond helping with Gens memory watching and even coding a special version for use in this run. He also pointed out several improvements since he knows Knuckles TASing quite well.
  • Ouzo, for a quality completed run of this game that I could compare myself against.
  • Nitsuja, for showing me some basics about Knuckles and spin-dash in the first level, and for showing me a faster method for Green Hill 2.
Enjoy the run!

Bisqwit: Submission file replaced from author's supply.

adelikat: This hack has been "officially" approved and the run is of pubishing quality. Accepting for publication.

adelikat: Delayed while author attempts improvements.

Truncated: Setting back to accepted, see thread for details.

DeHackEd: Setting to Publication Underway.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #1384: JXQ's Genesis Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog in 14:44.95
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Even though it isn't a permitted hack, I give the first (and obvious) yes for an awesome run. The hack itself is flawless and should be accepted if there would be such a possibility.
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moozooh sums up well. 1. Flawless hack. 2. Awesome run. I voted yes.
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As for whether the hack should be accepted, in this game, Knuckles controls exactly as he does in the SEGA made, "Sonic 2 & Knuckles" game. As for the run, I've been following the WIP progress, and whenever I thought I found an improvement, it either led to death, or simply didn't work. Well optimized run, well made hack. Yes vote.
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YYYYEEEEEEEESSSS!! Unwittingly, you have just solved a mystery that I have pondered for months: Can this game be completed without a single ring? The last remaining level on the list was Labyrinth 2, and it troubled me for ages... until now! Oh, and a blatant yes vote.
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OMG, is this Sonic week or something? This is crazy, will get to view it after work
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Oh if only Knuckles was availible in Sonic 1 through the lock-on thing... But now I don't have to dream. This is a great run. I particularly liked the gliding high over Green hill zone 2 and Marble zone 3, and the cool slide along the floor bug in the Labyrinth that allowed you to zip through walls. Nice work!
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i cant vote because im new but it would definitly be a yes for me .... JXQ rules !!!
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Such a nice incentive, submitting two sonic game runs with one being the original with great improvement and the other being something different but great. I think I like this better than the original. This is great work from you JXQ.
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So like, are you the Padawan to Nitsuja's Jedi? Or how does that work? I mean, I could have sworn there was a boss in Labyrinth 3...
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So that was why Sonic 1 & Knuckles never worked originally: Knuckles would break the game! And JXQ discovered that! Yes vote from me. I don't care if it ends up in the Genesis section or Concept Demo section: I just want it up.
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Wow...for a while I thought it was Sonic The Hedgehog in 14:47...! Well, anyway this will prolly be a yes...downloading rom now! :p
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Good lord...this game is so broken!! Awesome glitches and speediness!! "Yes" for sure and definitely a star candidate.
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Absolutely astounding, and a great compliment to your first original sonic run. Very fun to watch.
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YOU'RE WINNER! No, really. The previous run amazed me, and then you have your other Sonic run, which amazed me even more, and then this. You sir, are a god.
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YES, although I'd argue most of the improvement over the un-modified version came through the use of spin dash, although I was expecting very fast times on the Marble and Labyrinth stages I never expected they'd be that big.
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Wow. I very much enjoy this version of the hack. While essentially flawless in its execution, it's clear the infrastructure of Sonic 1 was simply not designed with characters other than Sonic in mind. Despite that, I still think this hack should be published, as it's very entertaining.
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Good grief, I can't believe someone actually remembered this game. I really liked this run. Labyrinth 3 made me CRY WITH DELIGHT :| Definite yes vote, and should get a moon as well.
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I'd like to thank nitsuja for pointing out an improvement in Green Hill Zone 2 that I was able to include and hex-edit the rest of the run together, saving around 2 seconds using a level-wrap glitch. The submission has been updated (Thanks, Bisqwit).
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Ha! This was unexpected. Great job on a wonderful run, expecially nice in the labyrinth and star light zones.
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Thank you for causing me to spew obscenties and further break my mind after already seeing the BSI that was Labyrinth. I hope you're happy with yourself. :|
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JXQ wrote:
I'd like to thank nitsuja for pointing out an improvement in Green Hill Zone 2 that I was able to include and hex-edit the rest of the run together, saving around 2 seconds using a level-wrap glitch.
Warp wrote:
Edit: I think I understand now: It's my avatar, isn't it? It makes me look angry.
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is there any limit to how much knuckles can accelerate when he's flying? can he even accelerate beyond the speed of light? awesome hack and run. my first vote ever.
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If Knuckles somehow accelerates to 128 pixels per frame while gliding (or doing anything else), the speed resets to less than 1 pixel per frame in the other direction. It would, of course, take a huge level the likes of which haven't been designed yet to accelerate to such a speed.
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i always knew einstein was wrong when he said that nothing can accelerate beyond the speed of light.