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This is a TAS of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island using the newly discovered warp glitch that requires Left+Right. It improves upon Spezzafer's last any% run by 333,741 frames, or 1:32:42.35. However, because this glitch is so severe and the tas skips a lot of action, we are asking that this tas not replace Spezzafer's but instead be placed in a new glitch category, at least until the 100% run of this game is finished.
The warp glitch takes 3 different forms, all of which are performed at the world map.
1) Left+Right - determined by the # of coins you collected
2) Right, then Left+Right - determined by the # of red coins you collected
3) Right, then Left, then Left+Right - inconclusive, but surmised to be determined by the last pipe you entered.
So in order to warp to 6-8, we had to collect exactly 68 coins. There were a number of routes we considered, but eventually we settled on intro -> 2-3 -> 6-8 because of the large number of coins in the beginning of 2-3 and a hole that allowed us to die and leave the level without having to lose baby Mario. Other minor improvements came from utilizing a new acceleration method in which we press Left once, then Right 4 times, then Left, then Right 3 times, then Left, then Right 3 times, then Left, then Right 3 times, then Left, then Right 2 times, then Left, then Right for the remainder.

People we need to thank

Spezzafer - for being a god at this game and his runs showed us a lot of tricks and entertainment options
Y0SH1 - for bringing to our attention the warp glitch
HHS - for telling us the minimum condition to warp to 6-8 as well as making a test run that we could compare to
L. Spiro - for his memory watcher which helped in maintaining top speed
Nitsuja - for his great work on snes9x rerecording

Miscellaneous Information

- Uses the record reset version of Snes9x (1.43v10) but can also work on v9
- Uses Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (U) (V1.0) [!].smc
- Uses death as a shortcut
- Abuses programming errors
- Manipulates luck
- Aims for fastest time
- Allows Left+Right / Up+Down
- Uses WIP1 timing
Enjoy the run.

adelikat: Accepting for publication along side the current published run. Though I reccomend the current published run to be eventually obsoleted by a 100% run.

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Hah, good job!
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you forgot to lick little Bowser in the ass when he was knocked out. But besides that... yeah, good job and you two beat me to it with a clever route change and an acceleration trick that I hadn't thought of.
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wow, that is an obscure-ass glitch. yets voe
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That was kinda fun. Great work you two, voted yes.
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mushroom wrote:
wow, that is an obscure-ass glitch. Jokes aside, very nice work you two. Yes vote. :)
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This is great. I always love the prospect of glitch runs, and this is demonstrated awesomely. It's great to see that one of my favourite SNES games has such warp glitches!
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Very nice. I do loves the uber glitched runs. :)
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So, can no time be saved by hitting the transform-from-heli-back-to-yoshi block from the right side of the underside instead of the far left? it seems you go faster as heli than as yoshi. Anyway, this is a clear improvement of the test run by hhs. yes vote :)
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This is a cool bug, but the run wasn't too interesting for me. I give it a meh.
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Mario platform games... If there isn't a way to warp to the end normally, there's a way to warp to the end abnormally.
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Haha awesome, Yes vote :D
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bkDJ wrote:
So, can no time be saved by hitting the transform-from-heli-back-to-yoshi block from the right side of the underside instead of the far left? it seems you go faster as heli than as yoshi.
When you hit that block baby mario appears at a set spot and yoshi is whisked to that spot, so it makes little difference where you hit the block.
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I've voted yes on this (It was short enough to keep my attention yet long enough for me to work out what was going on) but I have to ask whether any checking to determine if you could warp somewhere else closer in the game. Perhaps somewhere would take you to a halfway point or the final boss just by luck?
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Is this a glitch or a debug feature? I didn't quite understand how it works enough to decide between those two.
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It's a glitch, when you press left+right the game goes down instead (due to the tables for left/right and up/down being adjacent), and when it doesn't find anything there it continues going down until it lands at the RAM address for the number of coins which it then uses as the level number. The reason that holding right or left before you press left+right causes a different warp is that it starts going in the direction that you began pressing at that frame, but then continues using all the buttons that are currently pressed to determine the direction when it doesn't find anything. I've checked all possible level values, and there are none above 68 that put you in an usable location.
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How sure are we that this is a real game glitch and not some sort of emulation problem? Just seems strange is all, I liked the movie.
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Cool glitch. I enjoyed this movie a lot. Easy yes vote.
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Very yes, although some of 6-8 with Kamek was boring, it can't really be helped. Also I noticed that Kamek said the wrong dialog before the final Bowser, and the normal boss music started to play before the final boss music started. The glitch effected this too, probably because the castles weren't completed.
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Very very interesting. I liked this. :)
How sure are we that this is a real game glitch and not some sort of emulation problem?
Let's not get into this argument again. ^^;; Anybody got a controller they can break to test this on a console? :P
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it was moderately entertaining, particularly the boss fight, but compared to a full run, i dont really see the point, other than to show off an interesting glitch. voted no.
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YES. I loved a good WTF glitchfest. Excellent and weird glitch.
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Man, that glitch makes the game impossibly short. Great for the "what the heck just happened?" factor.
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Cool, this game actually has a short run. Not only that, it's not too shabby looking either. I give this a yes vote.
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Bob A wrote:
it was moderately entertaining, particularly the boss fight, but compared to a full run, i dont really see the point, other than to show off an interesting glitch. voted no.
I guess i dont understand this. The point is beating the game in just barely over 6 minutes. Something that can't be done on console. Similar to 4 minute Legend of Zelda a link to the past. Gliching games or abusing programing oversights/errors to beating them quicker is probably about what 75% or more of the currently published movies on this site do. Did you also vote no on SM64 16 star run, or Guanobowls LoZ Ocarina of time?
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