Boosting downwards

Every unspin boosts Samus down 5px, so unspinnning every other frame give you an instant ~2.6px/frame velocity. So when falling less than 3 blocks distance and moving forwards isn't a concern, boosting downwards is faster than normally falling.
Here are a few uses:

Fall through crumble blocks faster

Falling through crumble blocks (as shown) involve distances less than 3 blocks, so boosting downwards through them is faster than normally falling.

Fall down water quicker

When falling in water, your downwards velocity is automatically set to 1.5px per frame, meaning boosting downwards is 1.75 times faster.

Corollax trick

The Corollax trick is when you duck as soon as you hit the ground to store a shinespark after speed boosting off a ledge. You can also jump and do the Corollax trick. To do this you have to jump without spinning by pressing:
Frame 1: Nothing
Frame 2: Jump
Frame 3: Jump + forward
Holding forward until you duck.
Here are a few uses:

Fight BOX faster

Speed boost to the wrecked room after super missiles, perform a jumping Corollax trick as far as possible, and run to the point where the ground starts rumbling [1], then spark back to the start of the room. (reference vbm)
P.JBoy: I've tried and failed sparking into box's room itself, if anyone else wants to have a go, here's my attempt.

Engage NOC SA-X faster

In the energy tank room before the SA-X room, perform the jumping Corollax trick so that you land to the left of the energy tank, bomb the passage, grab the energy tank, travel the passage, shoot the door, and spark through. This only works if you grab the energy tank, because your shine timer stops while the bomb still explodes. (reference vbm)

Getting ice missiles backwards

After unlocking security level 3, go to the left edge of the room.
Run right 2 rooms. You should be able to run through the Kago and perform the jumping Corollax trick at the end of the ledge.
Run to the save room and spark into the right stairs. In the next room, perform the jumping Corollax trick again into the next room.
In this room, spin jump far enough to the right (in order to avoid the wall above) and spark to the top. (reference vbm)

Spark up the ARC shaft

In the first ARC room, go to the left edge, run to the ARC shaft room, perform the jumping Corollax trick, go to the ladder, and spark up. (reference vbm)

Spin in mid-air and keep jumping

After doing a straight jump, you can spin without falling by pressing:
Frame 1: Backwards
Frame 2: Jump + forwards

Power grip

It's faster when gripping a wall to jump up instead of pulling yourself up, unless you're underwater without the gravity suit.
It's also faster to pull yourself into a morphball tunnel than to enter in morphball.
You can do Spin in mid-air and keep jumping from a power grip as well.

Jump Extend

By coming out of spin or morphing/unmorphing, you reset all your vertical momentum (and horizontal momentum), so by doing this you take longer to fall and you can cover more horizontal distance.

Single wall-jumping

Taking the Jump Extend to the next level. By wall-jumping, morphing, moving towards the wall, unmorphing, moving towards the wall, morphing, etc. you will eventually reach the wall slightly higher up than where you started, allowing you to reach places unreachable by normal means. (see here for a vbm.
TODO: Find the fastest way of performing this.
This has a 2 main uses:

Turn around faster

1 frame after you press backwards, shoot and you'll skip all but 1 frame of the turning around animation.

Platform hopping

When jumping onto a ledge only to jump again as soon as Samus lands, you can save a couple of frames by unspinning Samus (pressing up or down for 1 frame) when she reaches the platform. This moves her hitbox downwards causing her to land rather than waiting for her to land on it normally.

Spin off a ledge

When running off a ledge, holding forward will instantly cap her speed to 1.5px/frame. By refraining from holding forward, her speed will gradually decelerate from her running pace. During one of these frames, spinning will cause her to keep the same speed value for one extra frame, and then her speed will be set to the normal spinning speed. Therefore, it is often best to hold nothing for 4 frames and spin on the 5th when falling off a ledge.

Morph faster

Because there is no morphing animation in mid-air, it is quicker to jump and morph in mid-air to avoid the slow morphing animation.


Low height shot

If you jump and shoot at the same time or if you shoot and morph at the same time you'll shoot at the bottom of Samus's sprite.
TODO: Make an animation of this.

Shoot while spinning

Charge up your beam, then while spinning, you can shoot with R; consequently you will have to wait another frame to charge your beam
Aiming diagonally up and down work as well.
To shoot straight down or straight up you have to aim diagonally down or diagonally up respectively and press R while turning around (both on the same frame).
Releasing a charged beam during the wall-jumping animation will shoot it without disturbing the wall-jump.

Flare damage

If you shoot point blank, the little swooshing flare does damage equal to 0.6*1 charged projectile.
TODO: Make an animation of this.

Space Jump

It takes 13 frames after falling before you can jump again.
TODO: Find the fastest space jump sequence.

Weapon stats

NameBase DamageCharged DamageFlare DamagePseudo Screw Attack DamageCooldown Time
Normal2 6
Charge Beam4206146
Wide Beam9459216
Plasma Beam9/Frame27/Frame12306
Wave Beam9/Frame27/Frame15486
Ice Beam18/Frame36/Frame15486
Missile10 8
Super Missile30 13
Ice Missile40 14
Diffusion Missile[2]45 15
Bomb8 6
Power Bomb50 4
It takes 64 frames to charge up a charge beam. It takes 127 frames to charge up a diffusion missile. A charged beam has 2 frames of cooldown.



Health Address: $030001C4
You don't want it to roll up, so you'll want it to constantly use its slash attack. The best way of doing this is to stand in the center of the room, constantly blasting it. For this boss, you'll only need to keep 1 missile for the core-x, so you can save some time by skipping the red x from the eye door.


Health Address: $03000790
Jump Counter: $030001E0
Nothing special. Zazabi gets hurt by the chunks blowing up rather than getting directly damaged. The minimum amount of jumps it can do is 3; 0 then 1 then 2.


Health Address: $030001C4
Hit it with 2 charge beams with flare. This boss always becomes initially vulnerable in the same place, then becomes (semi-)random.


Health Address: $03000314


Health Address: $030001FC
You can take this boss down in 4 hits using flare damage, and you don't even have to take any damage. This boss should be lured near the bottom-left of the room in order to have the boss fly away less distance.
This boss doesn't fly away as far when hit on hard mode.


Health Address: $03000154
On 100%, you can skip the stage where it space jumps around the room laying bombs:
When its health reaches under 500, it goes into its space jump stage at the end of the round (where it heals back up to 500). If you kill it before the round ends, you skip the space jump stage.
Shortly after you enter the room, Yakuza opens its mouth during which time you can damage it.


Health Address: $03000234
This boss has 2000 health. If you're doing 0%, you'll want to do flare damage on every hit, alternating between charge beams and missiles with a power bomb every now and then. In total you should use 9 missiles and 6 power bombs.
With 100%, you'll just want to continually hit it with missiles and a power bomb whenever you can (you should use about 3).


Health Address: $030003F4
There's no current strategy for this boss. However, this boss is a bit like a core-x, you want to kill it so that it's as close as possible to its death spot.


Health Address: $0300034C


Health Address: $030007C4


Health Address: $0300018C
You can get 99 damage per hit on this boss's 1st stage by shooting diagonally down at the right position.
For the 2nd stage it's just a matter of shooting a charge beam diagonally at its head and then shooting a charge beam upwards when it jumps.
Flare Damage does not have an effect on this boss.

Useful memory addresses

03000139In-game minutes
0300013AIn-game seconds
0300013BIn-game frames
030006EEEnemy freeze timer
03000B7EBomb timer
03001249Invincibility timer
0300124ECooldown timer
03001250Charge beam counter
03001253Speed boost counter
0300125AHorizontal positioning
0300125CVertical positioning
0300125EHorizontal momentum
03001260Vertical momentum
030012DCShinespark timer
03007D94Projectile vertical positioning
03007D98Projectile horizontal positioning
[1]: Actually you don't need to make the ground rumble to fight BOX; you just need to get close to the wrecked door.
[2]: On certain enemies (such as Funes and Strechies) the ice wave that the missile spans does 1 damage if the enemy's not frozen.

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