Joel Yliluoma

יוֹאֵל (עִ‏לִלֻאָמַה) מעלפלג
川上 「ウリルオマ」 ヨエル 「ヤハウェは神」
Shalom! My name is Joel.
I am the person who created this TASVideos website originally, and who maintained it from late 2003 to mid-2009. I often use this nickname that I chose in early 1990s, Bisqwit, in any place it is more convenient than to be referred by real name, such as in IRC.
I was born and live in Finland, though the picture on the right was taken in Israel, which is another country that is specially important to me.
In late 2008, five years after I founded TASVideos, the God of Israel, YHWH Elohim, renewed my spirit (Romans 12:2, Psalms 51:10, Eze. 11:19–20) and set in motion a new direction and plan for my life. As part of that motion, I eventually determined that it would be necessary for me to sort and prune my obligations. Thus I gave the TASVideos site out in 2009 to new owners elected from within its community. Since then, things have been changing for me rapidly at times and slowly at other times, so usually I am not very afar.
I have been called a jack of all trades, for I love to seek a deep understanding about almost everything, but some things clearly fascinate me more than others. That is also why I set up TASVideos. I like positively breaking conventions and expectations.
I am also a professional programmer. I read and write source code for a hobby. I enjoy reading clever, expressive and artistic code. In what I write, I wish to return the collective favor. Once in a while, I publish programming videos on my YouTube channel. Currently (6/2012) the most popular one is the one in which I created a high-quality NES emulator in 15 minutes. And sometimes I drive a coach for living.
Personal website:
YouTube channel:
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The barcode? It is Finland's EAN country code + my nickname presented in base36-encoding. This happens to produce a valid EAN13 code. Watch this video for more information.
Lastly, this is my small Unicode copypaste pad for important punctuation.
←↑→↓↔↕ ―mdash –ndash −minus ’apostrophe “english2” ‘english1’ ≠≤≥÷·×± « »「」『』〔〕〖〗〘〙〚〛‼‥… ~tilde~wide ĄąĘꊚŽžČčŘřŁłĀāĒēĪīŌōŪū©®¼½¾℃Æ挜ØøÞþÐð ①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫ⒶⒷⒸⒹⒺⒻⒼⒽⒾⒿⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗⓘⓙⓚⓛ
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