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Some versions are missing because I have lost the corresponding FMV files.
ActPast (history, published movies)
Super Mario Bros v1 05:15.65 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros v2 05:15.60 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros v4 19:39.33 (warpless, desyncs in world 6, obsolete)
Super Mario Bros v5 05:13.05 (obsolete ― beaten by Michael_Fried)
Super Mario Bros v1 07:02.25 (obsolete ― walk-only - beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros v2 06:55.18 (obsolete ― walk-only - beaten by HappyLee)
Super Mario Bros 2 v1 11:36.25 (obsolete ― Luigi-only - beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2 v2 11:15.75 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2 v3 10:48.15 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2 v4 10:12.95 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2 v5 10:05.60 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2 v6 09:18.60 (obsolete ― beaten by Genisto with Princess-only and later Sleepz)
Batman v1 11:29.40 (obsolete ― beaten by Linnom)
Castlevania v4 13:15.55 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Castlevania v5 12:51.60 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Castlevania v6 12:41.25 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Castlevania v7 12:23.10 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Castlevania v8 12:09.22 (obsolete ― beaten by Genisto&Phil)
Mega Man 3 v1 38:57.45 (desyncs in halfway, obsolete)
Super Mario Bros 2j v1 02:47.10 (obsolete ― played only a few levels)
Super Mario Bros 2j v2 08:30.95 (obsolete ― beaten by Michael Fried)
Super Mario Bros 2j v3 08:27.55 (obsolete ― beaten by Michael Fried)
Super Mario Bros 2j v4 08:24.37 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2j v5 08:21.79 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2j v6 08:21.43 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Super Mario Bros 2j v7 08:20.57 (obsolete ― beaten by Phil and Genisto)
Super Mario Bros 3 Trying to do something with walls (obsolete, was just a demonstration)
Solomon's Key v1 12:41.85 cancelled after 27 levels, then started v2
Solomon's Key v2 19:33.75 cancelled after 38 levels, then started v3
Solomon's Key v3 23:24.40 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Solomon's Key v4 22:43.95 with warps & death (obsolete ― beaten by me)
* Solomon's Key v5 26:35.83 with secrets and no warps
Simon's Quest v1 38:53.00 no glitches (obsolete ― beaten by WalkerBoh)
PAL Kirby's Adventure v1 53:17.00 (obsolete ― beaten by JXQ)
Rockman v1 11:33.00 (obsolete ― discovered a magnetbeam trick, started over)
Rockman v2 15:45.60 (obsolete ― decided to play Cutman before Elecman, started over)
Rockman v3 11:26.28 (obsolete ― decided to improve Iceman by a few frames (didn't think copypasting would be plausible back then))
Rockman v4 18:21.03 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Rockman v5 03:19.00 (obsolete ― discovered how to acquire the magnetbeam without tools)
Rockman v6 16:57.93 (obsolete ― beaten by me with AngerFist)
Rockman v8 16:09.82 with AngerFist (obsolete ― beaten by me)
Rockman v9 15:48.35 (redone v8 from Cutman stage boss, AngerFist's contributions remain in earlier stages) (obsolete – beaten by me)
Rockman v10 15:38.07 with finalfighter (redone v9 from Wily1) (obsolete ― beaten by Deign)
Rockman 2 v1 25:10.00 with Shinryuu (obsolete ― beaten by Shinryuu)
PAL Rygar v1 11:50.16 with warps (obsolete ― beaten by DJ_FozzBozz)
PAL Rygar v2 11:04.78 with warps (obsolete ― beaten by Walker_Boh)
Legend of Kage v1 05:39.10 (obsolete ― beaten by me)
* Legend of Kage v2 05:36.97 through extensive reverse-engineering
Star Control II v1 35:xx (obsolete ― desyncs at around 20 minutes)
Star Control II v2 35:03.5 (First PC TAS, unfortunately did not entertain the viewers)
囲碁 九路盤対局 v1 04:50.33 (Rejected, did not entertain the viewers)
Chrono Cross v1 09:08:25.xx (Played on pSX using multimedia rerecording. Not a serious TAS. Just making the movie I'd like to see, just as with Star Control II. (Though SC2 was performed with better precision and planning.)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu v1 02:16.08 (Cancelled, created erroneously in PAL mode)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu v2 01:50.75 (Cancelled, unsatisfying feedback)
FutureStatus (Projects considered or worked on)
Star Force Cancelled See (adelikat: This link is gone, sorry) bisqwit-starforce-incomplete.fmv
I like the music of this game, and I've played this game in Anttila when I was a child, but I don't think it makes for a good TAS. Nevertheless, if someone makes it, I will most definitely watch it.
Rockman Cancelled Without glitches ― cancelled because I don't have time to do it. Also it gets difficult to determine what is a glitch and what is not.
Lunar Ball Active Robot project ― details here
Solomon's Key Halt Robot project ― details here. Cancelled because of too much work.
Lode Runner Halt Fascinating and easy. Remember to set maximum speed.
Chack'n Pop Cancelled Was a little competition with FODA ― never intended to TAS this.
Binary Land Cancelled I actually created it only for demonstration ― I don't think it makes an interesting TAS.
Big Foot Halt Seems like this game is a lot more difficult to TAS than I thought.
Note: If I am not actively working on some project, I wholeheartedly welcome that someone else takes upon the task and submits it. (I don't guarantee it gets accepted though.) Thus, please start making that NES Lode Runner TAS and never mind that it is in this table! :)
Also, I was at some point working on an edited version of Mega Man. That's right, a ROM hack. I wanted to create some really insane levels. :P (Though this hack project is also somewhat delayed lately.)
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