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<Warepire> Nah, he's the best guard dog
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General Information

Welcome, I am insanity in a cat form... apparently.

Proper Introduction

My name is a work in progress, I guess you can say.
I first learned about TASing before speedruning.
What introduced me to TASVideos was a TAS that Rikku made on Super Mario 64. I stumbled upon that when Google Video was still a thing.
I lurked around in TASVideos for a year after finally stumbling on the site (who knew that the logo said where the site was) and on 12th October 2011 I created my account and started posting complete nonsense and stupidity.
I still do that don't I?
After finding out about TASing I soon learned about speed-running and the first group I always watched were; Jape, Jiano, Sicko, Siglemic and TRV back when speedrunners used ustream and not justin.tv (aka twitch).
Logos (don't have Black & White version in there, because yea...)
Original FIRST Logo:
  • 18th Jan 2012 - 14th Nov 2013 : Klonoa Logo v2. Final encode was a three part series (First actual encode - 25th Sep 2012). (Last one failed.)
  • 9th Oct 2012 - 9th Oct 2012: Gardevoir Logo (Only been part of one encode).
  • 18th March 2013 - 10th Nov 2014: Gardevoir Logo v2 (Pokemon TASes and Glitched Visuals/Camhack TASes).
  • 14th Nov 2013 - 12th Nov 2014: Taokaka. Final 2 were Spyro 3 and Breath of Fire 3 (FFVI started the new logo).
  • 10th Nov 2014 - 7th Nov 2018: Gardevoir Logo v3 (Same as v2 only with sometimes other TASes).
  • 12th Nov 2014 - 10th Nov 2015: Valentine. Final was Rikku's SM64 (Started with Small Mario in Super Mario World and Croc).
  • 10th Nov 2015 - 15th Nov 2016: Kurumi Tokisaki. Final was the any% group of Super Metroid and the Last NES Metroid that was yet to be touched (Started with the NES Metroid TASes).
  • 15th Nov 2016 - 19th Nov 2017: Black★Rock Shooter. Final was the rebatching of VBoy encodes (which YouTube borked) & Snow Bros. and the Famtasia Mike Tyson TASes.
  • 19th Nov 2017 - 10th Nov 2018: Princess of the Crystal. (Final was Final Fantasy IX).
  • 19th Nov 2017 - 10th Nov 2018: Ringo Oginome. (Final were just five DS games).
  • 11th Nov 2018 - 21st Nov 2019: Beat Radiance from Beatmania IIDX. First four were DS games and two GBA games. Final encode was Monster World IV.
  • 7th Nov 2018 - 'Til I Die: Gardevoir Logo v4 (v3 with a much needed update).
  • 27th Nov 2019 - 31st Oct 2020: Temmie. Screw YouTube for not processing BiS! First few were 10 DS reencodes (and 4 Publications) without missing a day which apparently wasn't important for me to do. Ending it was Final Fantasy IX and a batch of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
  • 31st Oct 2020 - 21st Nov 2021: Flandre Scarlet. All of Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG 100% and both Mighty Morphing Power Rangers TASes saw the end of this logo.
  • 31st Oct 2020 - 18th Oct 2021: Sariel. Final was Final Fantasy VIII.
  • 23rd Nov 2021 - 2nd Dec 2021: Zee Tee & Nehema.
  • 1st May 2022 - XXth Xxx 2023: Strength (Black★Rock Shooter) - They're gonna take you back to the past.
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