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#638004792329477740 - BBLIT "roll action" autoinput

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Uploaded 10/4/2022 11:20 AM by AleMastroianni (3 files)
Raw script meant to be used with the autowalk one, still might need manual tas adjustments after each use in trajectories

#637995400857393216 - UI with in-game awards

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Uploaded 9/23/2022 2:28 PM by AleMastroianni (3 files)
Script i developed on my own to help the tas development. Can be vastly improved, but it does the job, uploading in case i lose it locally

#637788982150691225 - BBLIT Script (Autowalker, XY/XYZ Speed, Global Requirements Check) - Nymashock Support

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Uploaded 1/27/2022 4:36 PM by AleMastroianni (3 files)
Keybinds: - J: Set waypoint destination - K: Remove waypoint destination - L: Activate/Deactivate Autowalk
Works both with octoshock and nymashock UI Fixes Added xyz pointers
Originally and mostly made by Noxxa and Warepire, Korky Fixed some UI things, AleMastroianni put global check requirements and pointers. Noxxa thankfully fixed it for Nyma diverse analog range and scheme. He did most of the job, im just uploading this in case i lose it locally.