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#638023881596466675 - Game & Watch Gallery: 6/8 games "complete" (no Octopus)

In 2:49:45.52 (608430 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: Game & Watch Gallery (SGB)
0 views, 17 downloads
Uploaded 10/26/2022 1:35 PM by RetroEdit (5 files)
Hello, TASVideos userfile explorer! This is Game & Watch Gallery for the Game Boy. I created a bot to play 6 out of the 8 total games required for 100% completion: Fire Modern and Classic, Manhole Modern and Classic, and Oil Panic Modern and Classic.
Octopus Modern and Classic posed a few more issues because it requires more navigation strategy around tentacle movements, so I haven't quite gotten around to botting it. But maybe soon!
This movie isn't entirely optimized: there's significantly more RNG manipulation, subtle strategies, as well as a few more blatant strategies. For instance, in Manhole Modern, the bot doesn't allow the manhole covers to fall as early as they could to end the game after 1000 points, because it would require more complex logic. But hopefully this provides a good baseline for an eventual publication.
(And yes, you have to intentionally lose to gain a high score in each subgame, unlike later games in the series where you can quit and have the score save).

#65083085390942935 - Mario's Picross - All Puzzles

In 1:11:12.09 (255941 frames), 55 rerecords
Game: Mario's Picross (GBC)
4702 views, 204 downloads
Uploaded 8/1/2020 12:26 AM by RetroEdit (5 files)
Finishes all puzzles: Easy, Kinoko, Star, and Time Trial.
Still many improvements to be made.

#64941625601488011 - Picross - Scripting - No ELF

In 52:44.93 (189618 frames), 104 rerecords
Game: Mario's Picross (SGB)
4730 views, 216 downloads
Uploaded 7/25/2020 3:32 PM by RetroEdit (5 files)
Not using equal-length frames apparently saves a notable amount of time. Inputs are probably pressed earlier, which apparently reduces level lag as a secondary benefit. This also eliminates all the differences between soft-resetting and power-on. By simply replacing the soft-reset with a power-cycle, and then inserting 146 frames, the movie will still sync perfectly.

#60416331345833027 - Fire luck manipulation (Game & Watch Gallery 4)

Game & Watch Gallery 4 (USA)_fire_luck1.bk2
In 00:56.89 (3398 frames), 1286 rerecords
7487 views, 267 downloads
Uploaded 1/3/2020 8:23 PM by RetroEdit (5 files)
A short movie showing proof-of-concept for luck manipulation in the Fire subgame in Game & Watch Gallery 4. More details are available here.

#60416329994559409 - Fire-related addresses (Game & Watch Gallery 4)

Game & Watch Gallery 4 (USA)_fire.wch
7461 views, 256 downloads
Uploaded 1/3/2020 8:23 PM by RetroEdit (5 files)
Some Fire-related addresses, particularly those related to luck manipulation. A related movie is available here, and more details are available here.