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For Battle City (NES)

In 12:49.16 (46226 frames), 17179 rerecords

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In the published run, it is not necessary to suicide in stage 70 to guarantee a game over. As the suicide inputs are junk they are removed. Removing those results in some of the ending inputs of stage 69 becoming junk as well...these were also removed.
  • Emulator FCEUX 2.2.1
  • Game Region - J
Truncated Version
  • Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Game Region - J

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#61696386823130679 - NES-Battle City 74F quick Stage35

NES-Battle City 74F quick Stage35.fm2

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For Battle City (NES)

In 00:30.51 (1834 frames), 21294 rerecords

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I tried to do a TAS of NES Battle City, but too difficult luck control had to let me give it up. In Stage 35, I got an improvement with 74 frames. But obviously the improvement is not perfect either.
The minimum time difference between enemy tanks' emergence is 31 frames. When six enemy tanks appear on the screen, if you kill the enemy's fast tanks, the next tank will appear in 25 frames, of course, if it's less than 31 frames away from the previous tank,.the time will be 31 frames. If you kill the enemy's regular or armored tanks, the time will be 49 frames(Sometimes it will be 48 frames). The 11th tank of each stage will appear in advance, I guess it's because it's the first armored tank.
If you want to make your tank move faster, you need to press one frame button in the direction of 90 degrees in the moving direction regularly, so that you can move to the coordinate value of multiple of 8 in an instant. This kind of game setting leads to the slow production of TAS, which needs to be handled carefully every time it moves, and I can't bear a lot of luck control in 2P mode.

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