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#39117950642069638 - PushOver_skip-transitions

Game: Push-Over ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 5/19/2017 4:05 PM by partyboy1a (see all 14)
FatRatKnight's script + avisynthfriendly output.
The script must be started while not in a level (will crash otherwise), and must be run until the movie almost finishes (will create an empty file otherwise)

#39104462224501020 - SNES Push-Over - Script to skip transitions. (fix)

Uploaded 5/19/2017 1:30 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Version 2 is out! Now with fewer errors!
... I sort of used the wrong name for a particular function. Error fixed! Just about the entire version log, really.
So, with 50% fewer known errors (and who knows how many fewer unknown errors), I hope this script can be used and with no need to fiddle with the internals.
Run script, preferably before a few hundred thousand frames passed (running it after that time should quit the script immediately, an error I don't plan to fix without a sufficient reason explained for the fix), then run whatever video capturing stuff you encoders do for TASes. Should remove a total just under 15 and a half minutes of transitions.

#39098377862509653 - SNES Push-Over - Script to skip transitions.

Uploaded 5/18/2017 6:56 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
I request an encoder takes a look at this script and tries stuff. For use with BizHawk while running (SNES) Push-Over and a TAS of it, and creating a video file of it.
The basic idea is to get rid of screen transitions, and the address I found seems to indicate the moments where the game screen is visible and G.I. Ant can be seen going through doors. I've ran the test function and I can't find any errors in the logic I used, and this address really does look like this magic screen transition detection value.
This script is intended for encoder use. I don't really touch encoding myself, so I'm hoping the script works fine fresh off this page. Might be jarring that it goes straight from G.I. Ant going in one door and immediately the screen's at the other door he's going out of.
Enough explanation. Here's hoping it works as advertised, and all you have to do is run BizHawk, this script, and activate whatever encoding function is necessary to produce some kind of media file.