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#31495437281340481 - Eek! the Cat Improvement

Eek! The Cat (USA)-Flip2.tasproj.bk2
In 16:39.67 (60079 frames), 183129 rerecords
Game: Eek! The Cat (SNES)
5976 views, 857 downloads
Uploaded 6/10/2016 9:18 AM by WarHippy (1 files)
33 Frame Improvement
2-2: Better strategy pushing Annabelle after teleporter. 12 Frames Saved
2-3: Better method of retrieving Annabelle and going through teleporter after bubble section. 5 Frames Saved
3-2: Jumping into corner of ledge after mushroom to slow down faster. 1 Frame Saved. It's possible to save 5 more frames in the section before getting to the mushroom, but the time would be lost due to the changes in sub-pixels.
4-3: Can get to policeman 44 frames faster, but they are all lost waiting for the barrel. 0 Frames Saved
5-1: Waited 1 more frame before turning around and pushing gift after depositing second barrel into the spike pit. Changed method of going through the gap. 6 frames ahead at this point, but 4 are lost at the end. 2 Frames Saved
5-2: Got past wrecking ball 4 frames faster which allowed for a slightly better run-up at the end. 1 Frame Saved
5-3: Got past 10-ton weight 1 frame sooner. After kicking gift after 2nd bulldog, I waited a frame before holding Left again so that the sliding animation wouldn't occur. The time saved let the gift get hit by wrecking ball sooner. 6 Frames Saved
5-4: Slight change in the final section to be a little more accurate. 0 Frames Saved
It is possible to jump onto clothesline the same frame as the NPC. This is the fastest way across the ropes, but the time saved is always lost somewhere else in those levels.

#26794335475845768 - WarHippy's Eek! the Cat Heavy Fix

In 18:43.50 (67521 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: Eek! The Cat (SNES)
14862 views, 740 downloads
Uploaded 11/11/2015 4:08 PM by Spikestuff (1 files)