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#61577240561588605 - Super Mario Land rev1.0 Resync

In 12:16.83 (44009 frames), 1883 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Land (GBC)
3009 views, 512 downloads
Uploaded 2/25/2020 3:09 AM by TiKevin83 (2 files)
A resync of Mugg's Super Mario Land 1.0 TAS in 12:16.12, using the interim BizHawk builds for improved console accuracy.

#61468991527972019 - Super Mario Land rev1.1 Resync

In 12:21.31 (44277 frames), 1655 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Land (GB)
6943 views, 330 downloads
Uploaded 2/20/2020 6:09 AM by TiKevin83 (2 files)
This bk2 console verifies on the Game Boy Player with cart rev 1.1/revA, so it's missing the glitch in the original movie. It was made on an interim build of bizhawk as of 2/20 with some updates from upstream gambatte.