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#62145378943977223 - Treasure of Tarmin RAM Addresses

Treasure of Tarmin.wch
Uploaded 3/21/2020 5:13 PM by Winslinator (see all 19)
If you want to TAS this game, it is absolutely imperative you have this.
RAM Addresses A4-EB tell you what and where all the items and enemies on the current floor are. Even addresses are the tile numbers (location) and odd addresses are the item numbers (item type). For testing purposes, you can also edit just about any stat, items possessed, and tile/floor number.
On address 35, change the first bit to 1 if you want small pink potion active; the second bit to 1 if you want small purple potion active; and the third bit to 1 if you want Vision book active.
Item and enemy numbers in RAM can be found in my general Treasure of Tarmin notes