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#69339170071981656 - INTV DK Jr. faster

In 01:35.36 (5714 frames), 4612 rerecords
Game: Donkey Kong Junior (INTV)
3052 views, 171 downloads
Uploaded 2/8/2021 4:36 PM by Winslinator (15 files)

#69127871762621492 - INTV PBA Bowling faster menuing

In 02:25.32 (8708 frames), 2246 rerecords
Game: PBA Bowling (INTV)
3116 views, 159 downloads
Uploaded 1/30/2021 4:14 AM by Winslinator (15 files)

#68501112678176104 - INTV Tower of Doom RAM watch

Game: Tower of Doom (INTV)
3385 views, 181 downloads
Uploaded 1/1/2021 10:48 PM by Winslinator (15 files)
Useful RAM Addresses for Tower of Doom are attached. Based on TASVideos rules, I imagine the only goal that would be accepted to the site is "Grail Quest", as the instructions manual labels that one as the hardest. I don't plan on working with this game anymore but I managed to finish a TAS of the "Novice", or easiest difficulty (below as guide for making a new TAS). No input file attached as it should be pretty self-explanatory.

#68384867123425288 - Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 WIP

Crazy Castle 4 WIP.bk2
In 40:11.05 (144006 frames), 14531 rerecords
3399 views, 186 downloads
Uploaded 12/27/2020 5:09 PM by Winslinator (15 files)

bk2 works best when played with BizHawk 1.11.7

This is yet another WIP that I'm discontinuing work on as I haven't the time anymore. So anyone can pick this up and continue! Be sure to contact ViGadeomes if you decide to as he has also expressed interest in working on this as well.
  • After rewatching this, I think some time can be saved in 4-4 if I were to avoid the second hit using the stairs and instead use the hit on the monkey right before the exit door.

#68363824869058784 - Kid Chameleon: Improvements to Current TASes

In 01:21.10 (4860 frames), 5340 rerecords
Game: Kid Chameleon (Genesis)
1645 views, 240 downloads
Uploaded 12/26/2020 6:25 PM by Winslinator (15 files)

bk2 works best on BizHawk 1.11.8 | You must freeze 68K RAM address FC5A to a value of 1E (hex) for the movie to play from power on.

  • The linked .bk2 is of an improvement to Boomerang Bosses over the Any% TAS which is 6.5 seconds faster and uses no 20-diamond power.

Maximum Levels TAS Improvements

  • If the Maximum Levels TAS is to include dead-end elsewheres in the next update, The Valley of Life > Elsewhere 13 > The Black Pit path would be faster than the Forced Entry > Elsewhere 12 > The Cliffs of Illusion path. Plus, the former allows you to start Lion's Den as Skycutter.
  • We would also have to test if the Elsewhere 19 > Towers of Blood > Elsewhere 20 > The Crypt > Elsewhere 21 path is faster over Elsewhere 17 > Elsewhere 18 > Scorpion Isle > The Hills Have Eyes > Elsewhere 22. The latter allows Alien Twilight, Secrets in the Rocks, and Ice God's Vengeance to be played as Skycutter while the former does not, so these options would need to be weighed carefully.
  • We would even see a use for this strat to get to Elsewhere 25 (read video description):

General Improvements

  • As explained in the "Teleporters" section of this game's resources, one frame of teleportation delay can be saved for each tap of the right button from a standstill. This equates to 30 frames saved per teleporter. My Maximum Score WIP has some examples of this already implemented.
  • Blue Lake Woods I and II received some slight improvements over both TASes in the Final Boss Warp TAS, which would need to be integrated.
  • About 50 frames could be saved in Elsehwere 1 if the restart round strat at the beginning is removed and we instead restart round on the same frame Cyclone is collected (to execute a helmet storage glitch). We would be two diamonds short but I imagine it shouldn't take more than 50 frames to recover them later on.

#68362432355304846 - Kid Chameleon Maximum Score WIP

In 13:54.42 (50001 frames), 25590 rerecords
Game: Kid Chameleon (Genesis)
1733 views, 254 downloads
Uploaded 12/26/2020 4:54 PM by Winslinator (15 files)

==bk2 works best with BizHawk 1.13.2 and is encoded below==

I am posting this here because I am retiring from my work on this TAS; I simply don't have the time to complete a commitment of this magnitude. That being said, this is open for anyone to pick up and continue where I left off. Have at it!
I will outline the rest of the proposed route for the TAS below. You'll need this guide if you were to continue this project. Note that I'm skipping over a lot of basic Kid Chameleon highscoring and TASing information here. For more general info, search the Kid Chameleon Wiki (especially the Score page), and TASVideos Kid Chameleon Tricks.

1) The RTA world record is 1,817,060 points, so the TAS must beat this score. Video below (timestamps of each successful attempt in description):

2) Two players are selected due to two exclusive glitches that give extra points.

Only one player will go for the maximum score while the other player is just around to make the glitches happen and usually completes levels as fast as possible to reach key levels. In the case of this TAS, it's fastest for player 2 to be the high-scorer and player 1 to give special assistance. Anyway, one of the glitches allows player 1 to give any helmet to player 2 (usually a Skycutter helmet), which is useful when player 2 is in a level where the most optimal helmet is not available. Refer to the video below for explanation:
Additionally, there is a wrong warp glitch which changes the level a teleporter leads to and comprises an extra 800+ points:
As the second video states, this glitch can only be performed once in the run and because player 1 will be gone afterwards, no more helmet storage glitches can be performed. Best place to do it for this TAS will undoubtedly be to wrong warp player 1 from Alien Isle to player 2's Beneath the Twisted Hills. Normally you cannot collect two clocks in Beneath the Twisted Hills but if you do so in Alien Isle and then do the wrong warp, you will get the points from those two extra clocks!

3) Things I forgot to do during this WIP

  • TheRandomPie_IV noted in this userfile that about 50 frames could be saved in Elsehwere 1 for each player if the restart round strat at the beginning is removed and instead restart round on the same frame Cyclone is collected. We will be down two diamonds for both players but I imagine it shouldn't take more than 50 frames to recover them later on.
  • On a teleporter, coming to a standstill and tapping right every other frame saves you one frame of teleportation delay for each tap. I forgot to do this with Player 1 as they exit Woods of Despair 2.

4) Notable tasks left for Player 1 (the helper) to perform

For the levels that Player 1 needs to get through as fast as possible, I've just been copying and pasting input from TheRandomPie_IV's Any% and Maximum Levels TASes. So if you ever submit a final version of this, be sure to credit him too.
When player 1 reaches Nightmare Peaks 2, they should give a Cyclone helmet to Player 2 for Nightmare Peaks 1. I think the fastest way to do this is to allow a fireball to kill you while collecting the leftmost Cyclone helmet in the level.
When player 1 reaches Diamond Edge, they should give a Skycutter helmet to Player 2 for Nightmare Peaks 2, and also for when Player 2 reaches Alien Twilight.
When player 1 reaches Alien Isle, they should wrong warp to Beneath the Twisted Hills in the manner suggested by the Highscoring with Wrong Warps video. I realized after making the video that it might not be faster to have 50 diamonds by that moment in the game than to just collect the ankh at the start of the level to increment from -1 to 0 lives. Be sure to weigh both options!

5) Notable tasks left for Player 2 (the max scorer) to perform

After receiving the Cyclone helmet from player 1, Nightmare Peaks 1 should look like this except more optimized (be sure to collect both 10-diamond prizes as well!):
Nightmare Peaks 2 should look like this except using the Skycutter obtained from player 1, and using invulnerability to bypass waiting at the drill blocks:
In Bagel Brothers, the goal is to obtain the fastest time without being hit and collecting three clocks. Remember that collecting three clocks subtracts 120 seconds from the speed bonus due to a glitch (which is why for most levels we only collect two). However, since the speed bonus is normally 220 seconds on this level, it is therefore just reduced to 100 seconds and does not create any issues. Therefore, an IGT of 9:59 is possible here.
Player 2 should have a Skycutter helmet for the Crypt (obtained from Diamond Edge), and it should look like this except more optimized:
Player 2 should receive a Skycutter helmet from player 1 when Alien Twilight begins because The Crypt was just finished as Micromax. Don't forget to collect the 10,000 points block in Secrets in the Rocks. Tunnels Beneath the Woods should look like this except more optimized:
In Hills of Forever, Player 2 should take the telepad to the dead-end Elsehwere 25 so that they can respawn back in Hills of Forever about 25% through the level for some extra points. The level itself should look something like this:
Beneath the Twisted Hills should progress similar to how it is hypothesized in the Highscoring with Wrong Warps video. Helmet storage will not be available for the rest of the levels. The Land Below and The Final Marathon should look like this except more optimized:
Plethora should look similar to how TheRandomPie_IV did it in his Any% TAS. Be sure to collect the two clocks as well!

#67300471300731446 - INTV Thunder Castle

Thunder Castle 2;04.bk2
In 02:04.56 (7464 frames), 3627 rerecords
Game: Thunder Castle (INTV)
4196 views, 194 downloads
Uploaded 11/8/2020 9:05 PM by Winslinator (15 files)
This completes the first loop of stages in 2:04.566. After four loops, the difficulty stops increasing and thus would be the point of completion accepted on TASVideos. I have no plans to continue working on this so anyone may feel free to continue where I left off!

#65254876577894993 - Sharp Shot 512pts

Sharp Shot (1982) (Mattel).bk2
In 04:05.24 (14695 frames), 22001 rerecords
Game: Sharp Shot (INTV)
4888 views, 258 downloads
Uploaded 8/8/2020 6:07 PM by Winslinator (15 files)
10-point improvement with a loss of only 16 frames.

#62145378943977223 - Treasure of Tarmin RAM Addresses

Treasure of Tarmin.wch
2324 views, 374 downloads
Uploaded 3/21/2020 5:13 PM by Winslinator (15 files)
If you want to TAS this game, it is absolutely imperative you have this.
RAM Addresses A4-EB tell you what and where all the items and enemies on the current floor are. Even addresses are the tile numbers (location) and odd addresses are the item numbers (item type). For testing purposes, you can also edit just about any stat, items possessed, and tile/floor number.
On address 35, change the first bit to 1 if you want small pink potion active; the second bit to 1 if you want small purple potion active; and the third bit to 1 if you want Vision book active.
Item and enemy numbers in RAM can be found in my general Treasure of Tarmin notes

#61773060081900787 - AD&D: Cloudy Mountain in 0:11.482

Any% BK2.bk2
In 00:11.48 (688 frames), 1280 rerecords
2507 views, 410 downloads
Uploaded 3/4/2020 10:48 PM by Winslinator (15 files)
Five-frame improvement over recent submission: total of eight frames improvement over my 2017 submission.