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#43970667736184810 - Double Dragon Advance test

Double Dragon Advance (U).vbm
In 14:26.73 (51768 frames), 30199 rerecords
Game: Double Dragon Advance (GBA)
10801 views, 829 downloads
Uploaded 12/24/2017 5:08 AM by zggzdydp (1 files)
casual test run

#43858324814364477 - Futur TAS project, Double Dragon advance

Double Dragon Advance (USA)Ex2.bk2
In 13:54.40 (49837 frames), 22036 rerecords
Game: Double Dragon Advance (GBA)
11249 views, 542 downloads
Uploaded 12/19/2017 3:42 AM by zoboner (1 files)
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Hi, I open this thread to know if you find this run genre entertaining or not and for what reasons? All critics are welcome. This run uses heavy manipulations enemy comportements, boss 2 is killed with a damage transfer glitch, uses death to respawn at best positions to doing fast fight and take damages to manipulate comportement and force enemies to killing other enemies or to have an idiot comportement. I use cheat code to pratice with expert difficulty, because you can choose this difficulty only with this code and because IA have a very different strategy, enemies have more health points and I find that's better to create an entertaining TAS.