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#638123585605055426 - BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 (Full TAS)

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2.bk2
In 10:37.88 (38336 frames), 57278302 rerecords
Game: F-Zero ( SNES, see all files )
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Uploaded 2/18/2023 11:09 PM by nymx (see all 39)
Well, seems like I have a problem. I've been BOTing this game for the past year and just now realizing that my ROM could be rejected. So...I am opening up for a discussion on this to see if it could be accepted.
The TAS:
The Documentary:

#637836643457140766 - F-Zero Master (SRAM Verification)

F-Zero (SRAM Verification for Master).bk2
In 50:40.26 (182716 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: F-Zero ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 3/23/2022 8:32 PM by nymx (see all 39)
Unlocks Master difficulty.

#14190878786303873 - SNES F-Zero - Mute City 1 Fast Lap: 22"06

In 02:46.63 (10015 frames), 2341 rerecords
Game: F-Zero ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/23/2014 1:43 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
Fast Lap (lap 5) begins at frame 7255. Recommend starting at 7000. For reference, An unassisted record (WR I believe) by edward406 is 22"31, so at least I'm doing something right this time by having my TAS beat "a mere human," unlike my Maximum Velocity attempt.
26"30 - 23"58 - 23"59 - 23"63 - 22"06 = 1'59"16
Bad opener (WR is 25"36). The goal of this TAS wasn't a fast total, but a fast lap.
Speaking of which, if I was able to match the WR opener with Expert CPU rather than Practice Golden Fox CPU, I'd beat the unassisted WR for the five lap time, despite it not being the primary goal.
Let's see... Trick the timer to tick "01 rather than "02 for the first frame of the lap, edge out every sub-pixel I can entering the lap, abuse the rail to brake even faster, abuse the fact my accelerator is useless for maintaining boosted speed but useful for dealing with my momentum's direction, and realize the "dirt" doesn't slow me down worse than normal roadway (but somehow doesn't let me accelerate on it even boosted).
Made a start on Big Blue, trying out a mediocre opener. Expert doesn't look like it'll cut it for five lap times. Verification movie for Master it is.

#13550408774446356 - SNES F-Zero - One lap Expert test (26"30)

In 00:42.40 (2549 frames), 1027 rerecords
Game: F-Zero ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 3/25/2014 5:28 AM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
I'm a second slow. I blame the opening bumps. Practice mode Golden Fox CPU does wonders. GP mode Expert CPU not so much, apparently. Whether it's my technique or just that these CPU are not good bumping material is in question. I want Master unlocked!
Regardless, if anyone wants this .lsmv file that lasts only one lap, I'm making it available.
Also, those dirt patches reduce your turning rate, but only reduce speed by roughly 4 per frame. The electric rails don't affect turning rate, but reduces speed by 16 per frame. Your turning rate is still limited by your momentum, which usually can't be sped up reasonably, but the dirt patches are more than enough to let your momentum catch up with your facing.

#13538527443458224 - Basic lua script for SNES F-Zero (for lsnes) (Re-upload)

Game: F-Zero ( see all files )
Uploaded 3/24/2014 4:38 PM by FatRatKnight (see all 245)
It's a glorified memory watch script. Though at least it'll tell how much of your speed is being applied to each axis depending on which direction your momentum is headed.
What will I work on next? I have no clue. I'm rather chaotically analyzing games at the moment. ... It's something, I guess.
Oh, and whoops. Last file mixed up on-screen positions of the X and Y positions with the X and Y velocities.