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#637936906520993972 - NES Tiny Toon Adventures Ram Watch file

Uploaded 7/17/2022 9:37 PM by TASVideoAgent (see all 129)
(Ported from Legacy Address Set 145) BizHawk Ram Watch file for NES Tiny Toon Adventures

#71470312848982949 - Tiny Toon Adventures (Japan) TAS test

Tiny Toon Adventures.bk2
In 01:07.67 (4067 frames), 173 rerecords
Uploaded 5/15/2021 4:03 PM by Toms (see all 42)
Hello people, my name is Tomás aka. Toms and this is my first Userfiles/WIP Movie upload on this homepage (
Note: If you don't understand something is because I speak a little bit English
This movie test is for Tiny Toon Adventures (1991) TASs in the future

List of things that I wasn't know

  • You save time in the beginning of the TAS with the Japanese version
In the USA version the TAS start with the letter
    TM and (C) 1991
Konami Co., LTD
Licensed by
Nintendo of America INC.

but in the Japanese version starts only with the title screen
  • If you're near (not so close) of Elmyra she doesn't go to you