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#638110156833183104 - Clown 10 frame improvement

Batman 33204.fm2
In 09:12.49 (33204 frames), 124366 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
0 views, 3 downloads
Uploaded 2 days ago by DreamYao (6 files)
Clown 10 frame improvement

#638094490822015135 - Batman: The Junkyard Challenge No Damage TAS

Batman - The Junkyard Challange 14m32s.fm2
In 14:32.08 (52411 frames), 26907 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
0 views, 9 downloads
Uploaded 20 days ago by Pankaj (2 files)
I made this TAS around 3-4 months ago when I just started learning TAS, I was a newbie then, This TAS aims for entertainment, it was very fun when I was making it
When I was making it I found that you can skip the full level 4-3 by taking damage (which saves around 45 seconds) and half of the level 2-3 too (which saves around 30seconds) and other big timesaves are also possible by taking damage but since this is extremely hard Romhack I wanted to show all of its content while taking no damage
I will make another No Damage TAS while optimising movement.

#638093139901664229 - Batman NES Stage 2-1

Batman - The Video Game.fm2
In 02:02.41 (7357 frames), 19795 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
0 views, 11 downloads
Uploaded 21 days ago by Pankaj (2 files)
This is 1 frame faster than my previous WIP TAS
I also changed few levels and added more entertainment value

#637966870069816894 - Batman 3-4 Boss reduces one pause

3-4Boss 20314.fm2
In 05:38.01 (20314 frames), 108726 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
0 views, 28 downloads
Uploaded 8/21/2022 1:56 PM by DreamYao (6 files)
3-4 Boss reduces one pause(3 frame improvement)
I have been trying to enter 9 minutes and 12 seconds. Although I think it is impossible to achieve it, I am still trying to find improvement. Batman is my favorite game

#637844052057064535 - Batman clown improvements

Batman 33247.fm2
In 09:13.20 (33247 frames), 108594 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
128 views, 35 downloads
Uploaded 4/1/2022 10:20 AM by DreamYao (6 files)
When I checked the movie again, I found an improvement of 2 frames in the last clown battle

#71982074805893663 - Batman (Older Beta) TAS

Batman (Older Beta) 'warps' TAS.fm2
In 00:34.24 (2058 frames), 140 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
1888 views, 162 downloads
Uploaded 6/7/2021 5:11 PM by Toms (1 files)
Batman/Batman: The Video Game is NES game maded by SUNSOFT
In Hidden Palace there are 2 prototypes of Batman the first it's a Older prototype and the other it's a later prototype
The Player 2 controls is the Debug mode you can freeze the gameplay or skip the level in the two prototypes.
In the later prototype gets new things on the Debug mode:

You can

  • Refill your heatlh
  • Turn on & off the invincibility
and I'm not Batman
I'm Toms!!!!

#71199018872890616 - Batman:The Junkyard Challenge

Batman:The Junkyard Challenge.fm2
In 11:51.37 (42753 frames), 120534 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
1630 views, 194 downloads
Uploaded 5/3/2021 10:49 AM by DreamYao (6 files)

#68650373957850851 - The new improvements have been completed

DreamYao - Batman (9.13.90).fm2
In 09:13.90 (33289 frames), 183945 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
1934 views, 238 downloads
Uploaded 1/8/2021 4:07 PM by DreamYao (6 files)
The new improvement has been completed, and a new technique has been added to this improvement.
Batman launches his weapon in the air while holding down the squat, which can lower the horizontal position of the weapon

#67495864255170523 - NES Batman 100 frame improvement, change 3-3 route

DreamYao - Batman (9.15.24).fm2
In 09:15.23 (33369 frames), 43387 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
2217 views, 256 downloads
Uploaded 11/17/2020 4:17 PM by DreamYao (6 files)
I found a route more than a second faster on 3-3

#66481706508676193 - Batman WIP #7

In 09:54.80 (35747 frames), 70492 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
2366 views, 311 downloads
Uploaded 10/3/2020 12:08 AM by Riyan (2 files)
Damn you global timer! 4-1 and beyond is WIP

#65083822042001624 - Batman WIP #5 with Joker Glitch (saved 150-ish frames)

In 09:26.81 (34065 frames), 41339 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
2778 views, 365 downloads
Uploaded 8/1/2020 1:14 AM by Riyan (2 files)
Everything after 4-3 is work in progress. That 5th boss RNG is terrible.

#47283525293912320 - Bisqwit's Famtasia Batman Spike

In 11:30.61 (41505 frames), 7641 rerecords
Game: Batman (NES)
7730 views, 960 downloads
Uploaded 5/22/2018 9:49 AM by Spikestuff (1 files)
When you're not over Joker's body so the credits won't play.