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Published on 10/22/2008
Chrono Trigger is a long RPG that typically takes hours to days to complete. We already have one tool-assisted speedrun of this game.
However, this game also has a NewGame+ mode, where all the equipment and characters' stats are preserved from the previous completions, and player is allowed to fight the last boss, Lavos, almost immediately at the beginning. This movie starts from a save file with optimized equipment and character stats, created specifically for NewGame+. (We do not generally accept movies starting from predefined saves. Read the rules to see our reasons.)
This new version of a NewGame+ TAS by inichi is 2 minutes and 24 seconds faster than his previous attempt due to the discovery of a certain data-manipulating glitch that allows him to deal maximum amount of damage every critical hit. It is only possible to do on the Japanese version of the game, which is the reason for a version change. See the author's comments for a detailed explanation.
The killing blow is delivered in just under five minutes of gameplay, but additional time has to be spent to go through the Dream Team scene in order to make the game actually end.

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