Published on 4/23/2023
Epilepsy/Seizure Warning: The loading screen to Lavos at 2:13:27 through 2:13:41 contains a mild strobe effect, and 2:16:40 through 2:16:54 contains flashing lights after the defeat of Lavos.
Chrono Trigger is one of the most dearly loved games from the SNES library. In it, you play as Crono and set off on a journey through time to save the world from the villainous Lavos.
The game can be ripped apart in a matter of minutes through advanced save corruption techniques, but in this movie the author forgoes this exploit in order to play through more of the game. Don't expect this run-through to follow a coherent narrative any time soon, though — it still skips quite a lot of content.
Additionally, this run improves the previous run of this category by 01:00.47 through various minor optimizations found over the years and a new setup for the elixer glitch used on the final bosses.

The YouTube and downloadable encodes have the author's commentary as soft subtitles.

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