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Published on 9/13/2013
Samus's first adventure is retold in Metroid: Zero Mission with extra storyline, extra items and on a system with a better graphics processor. This run completes the game with 100% item collection, at least as far as the end-of-game display is concerned.
This is an improvement to cpadolf's 100% TAS, beating it by 00:38.44 seconds, 32 seconds on the ingame timer. A large part of this (29 realtime seconds, 17 ingame seconds) is because of a few route changes during the item cleanup after getting Power Bombs, but it's also because of higher optimization, faster room strategies, and better ammo management throughout the run. However, since this run is also made on a newer emulator than the published run, every room transition takes 1-2 frames longer, and the screen explaining a newly picked up item (not expansions) is a few frames slower as well.

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