This movie has been obsoleted!
Obsoleting Movie
Published on 2/19/2004
This is a historic movie, submitted and obsoleted before the creation of the database-based (and wiki-based) site engine, before July 2004.
It was inserted to the database in a history revival project by Bisqwit in autumn 2006.

Comments from the author (three separate messages, two before the completion of the video):
I started working on my new Zelda speed run video (video length is 2:52 so far and attached in case you want to see what I did so far). Make sure you pay attention to the extreme coolness of how fast I enter my name :) I'm going to start out the same way Josh L. did (get sword, get overworld heart container, beat level 2), but I'm also going to make some major strategy changes, for example, level 8 is going to be the third level I go to. I'm also not going to get the magic shield. I'm also going to kill enemies faster than he did. By the way, if you're wondering why I didn't get any keys in level 2, it's because I don't need them. I'm going to have a net gain of 1 key in level 1, then I'll go to level 8 where I'll get 1 more key, and then there are 2 locked doors to go through before getting the magic key.
My Zelda video is turning out pretty good so far. I finished the third level today (level 8 in my speed run). After you see how fast I kill the darknuts (enemies that look like knights) in level 8, it will become obvious that the comment that battles could have been optimized better won't be necessary anymore once my video is on your page :) I also killed the level 8 boss very fast. Also, now that I have the magic key, the other levels should go more quickly. I attached the FMV of what I did so far. Even if you don't have time to watch the whole thing, I recommend you at least see me kill the darknuts.
I crushed Josh's video by a few minutes (4:32 to be exact) just as I said I would in a previous email. I attached the FMV. When you put it on your page, make sure you mention that Up+A was not used. I'm not sure, but I think Up+A is allowed according to Twin Galaxies rules, so people might assume that I did use Up+A, which would make it less impressive.

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