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Published on 1/25/2004
Quote from the author: "A game that originally took everyone days to beat, finished in 36 minutes".
Features lots of secrets.
This video has been very well prepared on bigger scale, but it seems like smaller scale events like battles could have been optimized better. Nevertheless, this video might be quite a surprise to anyone who has used hours and hours exploring the Hyrule world. :)

Selected comments from the author (three messages, two before the movie's completion):
I found your web page containing NES speed runs, and they seemed like a fun little diversion.
I have tried my hand at making a Zelda speed run. =3
I managed a completion of the first quest at 00:37:45, but tragically, when I played it back, Link stops moving after getting the whistle for some reason. T_T
> How long did it take to make that? Do you have a map of that game
> or are you just a walking map of that game yourself? :)

Probably around 6 or 7 hours. I wasn't paying much attention to the time. ^_^; It was surprisingly not that difficult. I've played Zelda many times and I remember a lot of things about it, but I still did need some help. There's a "speed faq" on the game at and I used it as a guide, though I did deviate from it in some places (mainly, it tells you to go out of your way to get items that help you take less damage, which isn't necessary since I wasn't getting hit).
So much for waiting. ^^; I went and made a movie last night that's over a minute and a half shorter and actually works this time. It's at A game that originally took everyone days to beat, finished in 36 minutes. =3 If you find it worthy of recording into avi format, let me know, though I'm wondering if a movie this large will make it hard to synch the video and audio. ^_^; In any case, enjoy!

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