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  • snes9x rerecording 1.43 v17
  • Use WIP1 Timming
  • Allow Left+Right / Up+Down

100% completion

This run collects all of CDs.

Uses death to save time

For bifurcation route and skip cutscene.
  • Tengu
  • Ground
  • King2

Takes damage to save time

For upgrade item "Counter attacker".

Abuses programming errors

  • Fast movement in a room where rain is falling
  • Entering into a wall from corner
  • Entering into a moving block
  • Entering into a belt conveyor
  • Shutter warp
  • Floating in the air
  • Air walk
  • Air T.Blade dash
  • Sliding under a ceiling
  • Skip mini boss
  • Instant kill Tengu Man
  • Instant kill Wily
  • Remote attack
  • Mess up screen

Luck manipulation

I did disassembly analysis, and I made item prediction Lua Script to optimize collection Bolts and Weapon energy. In this game, item drop pattern is divided into 6 types. But, first type's all of probability is zero. So I call this "Type 0" as a matter of convenience. Here is item drop table.
TypeLife smallLife bigWeapon smallWeapon bigBolt smallBolt big1up
These values are stored in 0xC0BA8D ~ 0xC0BABC. The numerical value which broke these values by 0x100 becomes actual probability. For example, big Bolt in type 4:
0x30 / 0x100 = 18.75%
Therefore, it comes out by the probability of 18.75%. Here is the script source code.




  • sparky: The main player.
  • parrot14green: The author of previous 100 CDs run. Almost glitches were found by him. He formed the basis of Rockman & Forte TAS. He found many improvements this time also.
  • woabclf: He also found some improvements.

Baxter: Amazing run. Accepting.

Brandon: Publication underway.

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Fantastic improvement. My only complaint was that the glitches resulted in an eye-hurting shade of cyan over the whole screen between Pirate Man and Burner Man. Easy yes vote.
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Wow. This game got wrecked before, but now it's even more wreckeder. I might have to watch this again after I dig up the documentation on how half of these things are permitted to happen that victimize this game. edit: Oh no! No Tips & Tricks page for this madness? How can this be?!
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This run is great as always. To sparky, parrot14green, and woabclf: Thank you very much for all the hard work. You all deserve a . sparky: Are you encoding the run? Since you have a nicovideo channel, it seems likely that you would want to encode it.
Priam wrote:
edit: Oh no! No Tips & Tricks page for this madness? How can this be?!
There are enough glitches in this game to fill 5 whole normal-sized pages. Documenting them all would be a monumental task. :)
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Priam wrote:
edit: Oh no! No Tips & Tricks page for this madness? How can this be?!
I added brief interpretation.
FractalFusion wrote:
sparky: Are you encoding the run? Since you have a nicovideo channel, it seems likely that you would want to encode it.
Yes, I'm going to encode tonight.
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Good Improved in king1 and willy stage Great work , No found new glitch This record might be the final Records Yes , vote
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The weapon energy refill in fortress is incredible good. Nice shock guard usage in king1 and nice zip route after re-pirate fight. Shall we have the chance to see the item prediction Lua Script.It might help to others who will tas the game. Appreciate in advance. :p Final,thank your effort and hexedit again and again,I'm exactly enjoying the whole of the movie.Thumds up for the great run!
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This is a great run. Just like the previous runs, I couldn't look away in fear of missing something highly interesting. The luck manipulation is very well done and how much time you guys managed to save is unbelievable. Yes Vote!
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What's up everybody? Excellent work, will vote yes when I have enough posts. I have provided a temporary SD encode for those who need it before voting.
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Rockman and Forte TAS' have always been one of the most entertaining and amazing to watch, and this one is even more amazing. Obvious yes vote from me. Good work guys.
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What a magnificent improvement and the major glitchfest was even more divine! My vote for this is Yes!
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I didn't like at all the excessive and gratuitous use of wobbling and screen shaking that made this run painful to watch. I vote meh because it was well played, but I wouldn't watch it again.
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Good gracious, is it just me, or does the glitching get more severe every time? Anyway, great run, great improvement, and as insane as usual. Yes vote.
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I am in sort of in disbelief what I just watched because of how purely awesome it was. sparky, parrot14green, woabclf's SNES Rockman & Forte "100 CDs" in 38:07.68 equals to everything what tasing is all about; being fast as hell, jamming a huge donkey punch to the game's throat (= glitchfest) while being very entertaining. Very proud to vote yes and this game obviously requires a star. You must have fun tasing this game sparky. I know I would've smiled and laughed knowing what you did to this game :) As always, I am extremely curious what your next project is. Have a very good day my dear sir!
Nitrogenesis wrote:
Guys I come from the DidyKnogRacist communite, and you are all wrong, tihs is the run of the mileniun and everyone who says otherwise dosnt know any bater! I found this run vary ease to masturbate too!!!! Don't fuck with me, I know this game so that mean I'm always right!StupedfackincommunityTASVideoz!!!!!!
Arc wrote:
I enjoyed this movie in which hands firmly gripping a shaft lead to balls deep in multiple holes.
natt wrote:
I don't want to get involved in this discussion, but as a point of fact C# is literally the first goddamn thing on that fucking page you linked did you even fucking read it
Cooljay wrote:
Mayor Haggar and Cody are such nice people for the community. Metro City's hospitals reached an all time new record of incoming patients due to their great efforts :P
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This game gets no respect. All those walls and platforms are just flat out ignored. A boss is caught napping and several minibosses are completely skipped.
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Incredible. Pretty much anything from the King stages is unrecognizable compared to before. It's also worth noting that this is now TEN minutes faster than the original run in this category! Two questions: * In the intro stage, could you use air walking or air Tengu dashing to jump off the second moving platform sooner? It seems you have to wait quite a while for it. * How in the world are you damaging the boss when your sprite is nowhere near the boss? (the King 2 air boss, Perfect King, and Wily 1 come to mind) Absolutely a Yes vote. Even though my head hurts from some screen shaking and glitchiness, it is well worth it.
Used to be a frequent submissions commenter. My new computer has had some issues running emulators, so I've been here more sporadically. Still haven't gotten around to actually TASing yet... I was going to improve Kid Dracula for GB. It seems I was beaten to it, though, with a recent awesome run by Hetfield90 and StarvinStruthers. ( Thanks to goofydylan8 for running Gargoyle's Quest 2 because I mentioned the game! ( Thanks to feos and MESHUGGAH for taking up runs of Duck Tales 2 because of my old signature! Thanks also to Samsara for finishing a Treasure Master run. From the submission comments:
Shoutouts and thanks to mklip2001 for arguably being the nicest and most supportive person on the forums.
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For those who are interested, sparky has uploaded to nicovideo. Account: Part 1: Part 2: No account: Part 1: Part 2: In a few weeks, the comments will sure be interesting.
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Ho great work. Megaman doesn't have a run function, but in this movie he moves like a supervitamined sonic.... I will name it "Meganic" ou "Soman" ^^__^^ Yes vote.
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mklip2001 wrote:
* How in the world are you damaging the boss when your sprite is nowhere near the boss? (the King 2 air boss, Perfect King, and Wily 1 come to mind)
1. First of all you have to stand on ground with strange pose(slide,walk,etc).So you need the graphic glitch to accomplete it. 2. System will record the disappeared weapon shot position when you keep strange pose on ground. 3. And then shot,you will see the weapon appear from disappear place. Also you can observe with memory address weapon1 x-axis position:7E0CC5 weapon1 y-axis position:7E0CC8 weapon2 x-axis position:7E0D05 weapon2 y-axis position:7E0D08 weapon3 x-axis position:7E0D45 weapon3 y-axis position:7E0D48 Hope the bad describe will help to you.
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Walls? .... what walls?
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Wow. I am speechless. This is an incredible TAS! Great work sparky, parrot14green, and woabclf! This is an obvious "yes" from me. Also, lol @ the King Airship fight.
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Am going to encode in HD/SD/512kb/10bit thingie.
YoungJ1997lol wrote:
Normally i would say Yes, but thennI thought "its not the same hack" so ill stick with meh.
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All that graphical corruption going on... So distracting! Is that done intentionally, or is that a side effect of being as fast as possible?
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This was incredibly impressive. In addition to demolishing the previous run, this whole TAS is kept extremely entertaining. It's just masterful. It's among my top 5 favorites on the entire site.
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NitroGenesis wrote:
Am going to encode in HD/SD/512kb/10bit thingie.
Forget to blend and I'll take this in a second.
All the best, Brandon Evans