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Game objectives

  • Emulator: BizHawk 2.8
  • Core: NymaShock
  • Input device: GunCom
  • Goal: beat the boss "Lepoediatra" of Special Mission mode as fast as possible
  • Aims for in-game time, at the cost of sacrificing real-time (ending inputs saves a lot of real-time, but it consists in merely truncating the submitted movie, and thus I considered as a superseeded version)
  • Beat the known TAS


  • The faster the enemy disappear, the faster you advance to the next wave or room.
  • Shoot an enemy on the top of the head to make them disappear faster.
  • Shoot an enemy three times to make them disappear even faster.
  • Reload the gun magazine multiple times to manipulate RNG and get different enemy spawns.
  • In some rooms, shooting extra shoots speeds up the game by a frame each. This doesn't save in-game time, but only real time.
  • While keeping in mind all of the above, find the optimal order in which shooting the enemies and reloading.

For the publisher

  • Please use this movie for the extended inputs.
  • Please make the crosshair invisible. PSX > Settings > Crosshair 1 > 16777216
  • Please make an alternate encode that removes the screen flashes.

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